The Shabogans are the invisible underclass on Gallifrey. The plebs. The nobodies. The skivvies.  They're not the posh drop-outs.  They're not the soup-making rustics.  They're the unseen guttersnipes trapped inside the Capitol. They always leave the room just before you enter it.  They're the vandals who shoot stasers at the Seal of Rassilon. And maybe, sometimes, they do more than that. Maybe they riot. Maybe they erect barricades. Maybe they throw stones. Maybe they daub things like "GALLIFREY WILL NEVER BE HAPPY UNTIL THE LAST CASTELLAN HAS BEEN HANGED WITH THE GUTS OF THE LAST CARDINAL" on the walls of the Time Toilets. Because if there is hope, it lies in the Shabogans.

I'm Jack Graham.  Gothic Marxist.  Advocate of the struggle in terms of the strange.  Shakespearean villain.  Doctor Who fan.  Less an organic intellectual than a one-man morbid symptom. 

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Killing in the Name Of

Fascism isn't socialism.  This isn't the sort of thing that one should have to say, but apparently it is.

Politics has content as well as form.  It is not, as fascism always tries to make it, a game of aesthetics.  No matter how superficially similar fascist and antifascists may be - and I contend that, with a very little good-faith scrutiny, they are not actually very similar at all - there is a world of difference, so much difference on every level that equivalence of any kind is a gross falsehood, a catastrophic failure of understanding.  It is the content of political action which gives it meaning, not the form.  And the content always ultimately derives from the class content, which ultimately derives from the class basis.  The class content and basis of fascism, whatever the rhetoric, is bourgeois, based on the defence of capital either directly or via the defence of those divisions and oppressions which are both generated by and bolster the rule of capital.  They don’t need to be generated by or to bolster capital to be wrong, but they are and do.  The class content and basis of antifascism, by contrast, is found in defensive reaction ...

IDSG Ep57 - The Boogaloo Discourse

Bowing to necessity, this week Daniel and Jack talk about the Boogaloo, the shortcomings of the current discussion around it, and the reality.


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Bundyville Podcast

Robert Evans; Jason Wilson: The Boogaloo Movement Is Not What You Think

Robert Evans guests on Qanon Anonymous, on the Boogaloo Boys

IDSG Ep56 - Digital or Analog Analysis of Nazi Podcasts? (with Megan Squire)

This week, Daniel and Jack are honoured to be joined by Prof. Megan Squire, Antifascist data-miner.  Geeking-out ensues.  You're gonna love it.




Megan's Twitter: @MeganSquire0

IDSG, Ep55 - Matt Heimbach, Anti-Racist???

Spoilers: probably not.

Content Warning / Contains Clips

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Notes and Links:

Matt Heimbach SPLC.

SPLC article 'Two Prominent Neo-Nazis Recant, but Their Actions Sow Doubts'

Everything You Love Will Burn.

Vice White Student Union documentary (from 2013).

Matt Heimbach assaults woman at Trump rally 2016.

Kelly Weill article on Night of Wrong Wives.

Matt Heimbach joins Light Upon Light.

Light Upon Light Upon Light (independent blog critical of LuL.)

Take A Walk On the Right Side podcast.


Relevant previous episodes:

Episode 8: The National Socialist Movement

Episode 28: The Siege Pill, Part 1

Episode 29: The Siege Pill, Part 2

Episode 3: Unite the Right, Part 1

Episode 4: Unite the Right, Part 2


Jack's splenetic ramblings on J. K. Rowling, Part 1, Part 2, review of Fantastic Beasts 2


I Don't Speak German, Ep 54 - The Murder of George Floyd and the Right-Wing Instigators (in Blue)

In this edition of IDSG, recorded less than 48 hours ago at the time of publication but already looking like an artefact of a dimly-recalled epoch, we talk about the savage 'ropeless lynching' of George Floyd by police, the subsequent explosion of protest and repression that has rocked the US, and a little bit about Trump's escalatingly bloodthirsty fascistic rantings.  Daniel addresses the question of whether the violence has been stoked by fascist agents provocateurs.  Basically the answer is: yes, but they're in blue.

Content warning.



'The Boogaloo Movement is Not What You Think' by Robert Evans and Jason Wilson:

Other links to follow.

IDSG Ep53 - Afterword to Episode 52

This time, we chat about our previous episode, '52: Genocide and The Right Stuff'.  Hopefully more interesting that it sounds. 

Content Warning.

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IDSG episodes 9, 16 and 17

IDSG Ep52 - Genocide and The Right Stuff

Special episode this week, as Daniel explodes the bullshit of the 'Right Stuff' / 'Daily Shoah' chuds.  Contains clips from Nazi podcasts.

Let us know how you like this new format.

Content Warning


Show Notes:

Brenton Lengel Twitter:

Nationalism Vs Antifascism Debate:

Lewontin's Fallacy at Wikipedia:

Matthew Q. Gebert identified by the SPLC.

Angry White Men covers the Daily Shoah episode from which the "Unironic Exterminationism" clip comes.

Magnus Hirschfield at Wikipedia., "How the Nazis Derailed the Medical Advances Around Sexual Reassignment Surgery." (Enoch reads this text in the episode.)

TDS446: The Adolf in the Room Full Video at Bitchute

Dario Gabbai Tells His Story.

Excerpts from Goebbel's diary entries, March 1942 at Nizkor:

Holocaust Controversies, "Goebbels on Liquidation."

Holocaust Controversies, Index of Published Evidence ...

IDSG Ep51 - Conspiracy

This time, Daniel and Jack consider the 2001 film Conspiracy, a dramatisation of the infamous Wannsee Conference, a wartime meeting of Third Reich officials on the subject of the 'final solution to the Jewish question'.

Content Warnings.

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Wannsee Conference Wikipedia Entry:

Speaking the unspeakable: the portrayal of the Wannsee Conference in the film Conspiracy by Alex J. Kay:

Die Wannseekonferenz (1984):

English translation of the Protocol:

The Villa, The Lake, The Meeting by Mark Roseman:

Hitler, vol. 2: Nemesis by Ian Kershaw:

Hitler's American Model by James Q. Whitman:



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