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Hello faithful reader. I'll be brief, as this is one of those annoying "You know what would be great? Money." Posts.

I blog because I like to. You may ask yourself, though, how it is I post 2000+ word entries here three times a week as well as two substantial entries at The Nintendo Project a week as well. And the answer is that I am devastatingly under-employed right now, and the prospects of turning that around within the next 18 months are basically zero. So I'd sure like to find a way to make this blogging habit occasionally buy me a pizza or something.

I have some plans, including, in two months or so, the launch of a print-on-demand/ebook edition of the William Hartnell entries, edited, expanded, and with bonus entries that I hope you'll consider buying when the time comes.

But for now, I'd like to introduce Amazon Affiliate links. So here's how this works. I'm not going to hock an ungodly amount of stuff or do a bunch of product placement. If a story is out on DVD, I'll link the DVD at the bottom of its post. Plus, here, I'm going to quickly go over some of the books that I've found invaluable in writing TARDIS Eruditorum. These are books I genuinely recommend, and are only the highest quality tip of the massive iceberg that is my Doctor Who collection. They're things I'd say you should buy anyway. But if you buy them from the links below, I get a small kickback, so not only will I say you should buy them, I'll say you should buy them from these links.

First off.

About Time

I mention this practically every entry. The series is that good. Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood have written a six volume behemoth overview of classic Doctor Who that covers the influences on each episode, the making-of, continuity, cultural impact, and basically everything else. I discovered these after I started TARDIS Eruditorum, and was immediately terrified into upping my game. I highly recommend them.

Running Through Corridors

Also frequently mentioned, Rob Shearman, author of the absolutely fabulous Dalek episode from the first season of the new series, and Toby Hadoke, author of the equally fabulous Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf marathon the entire series, and are thoroughly hilarious and insightful in the process. Thus far only the 1960s are covered, but the book is just fantastic.

The Discontinuity Guide

By today's standards a bit short, yes, but an absolutely iconic book of criticism and nitpicking that I still check before every entry. Plus a handy collection of great (and terrible) quotes, including a gorgeous listing of double entendres from the series.

So yes. These eight books come highly recommended. I'd say buy them anyway. But in particular, buy them from these links. :)

(Also, feel free to, you know, click an ad now and again. It does help.)


BatmanAoD 9 years, 11 months ago

I would be happily clicking away right now, but sadly I don't actually see the ads or links anywhere. Is it just me?

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BatmanAoD 9 years, 11 months ago

Actually, scrolling down, I do see links to the Amazon pages for the DVDs, but I don't see links to the books mentioned in this post (and the "Books That I Reference Every Entry" list on the right appears empty).

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Elizabeth Sandifer 9 years, 11 months ago

It works for me on multiple computers, so I would guess that either the Amazon widgets are stupid and using Flash or something and you're on an iPad, or that you have an adblocker of some sort up that's eating the affiliate links. Here's About Time, Running Through Corridors, and The Discontinuity Guide in plaintext links instead.

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BatmanAoD 9 years, 11 months ago

Ah, there we go, it was my adblock after all. Fortunately Chrome recently introduced a simple pause-adblock button.

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Gonzo 9 years, 10 months ago


Don't know if it'd be possible for you to set up a seperate or connected AmazonUK affiliation - I suspect you will get some UK readers who might want to 'click through' for you, especially now this blog has been mentioned on GallifreyBase.

Great work by the way, really enjoying it.

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