Comics Reviews (November 26th, 2014)


From worst to best, but I paid for everything.

The Massive #29

One of those comics that leaves you going "really? That's it?" Which is impressive for a comic featuring the apocalypse, and yet Brian Wood nevertheless makes it feel a bit underwhelming. I aspire, in the future, not to waste two and a half years of my life and $105 on comics this not good.

ODY-C #1

Not my thing, but if it is your thing, very good. Some lovely psychedelia and epic sci-fi, it's all terribly pretty, and the opening octuple splash with two fold-out timelines and maps manage to out-Multiversity Multiversity and out-Hickman Hickman in one shot. Really, this is a fabulous comic that's just not my cup of tea. If psychedelic sci-fi epics sound like yours, do check it out.

New Avengers #27

One of those Hickman comics that relies on the idea that the reader has remembered the mythology he's been building up. I don't, so, you know, oh well. The knowledge that the answer to all of these questions are in some fashion "Secret Wars" is a bit of a non-starter. But mostly... eh.

Stumptown #3

One that's going to have to be reread when it's finished for me, as I've definitely lost all sense of who most of the characters are. It looks very good, and has Rucka's usual sense of characterization, at least in the bits that are self-contained enough to be understandable entirely from this issue, but this is definitely the comic I want to vote "most in need of a recap page and character guide" this week.

The Unwritten Apocalypse #11

I believe that this is the penultimate issue of this. In any case, it's a lovely issue, building to a great cliffhanger and going through some nice paces to get there. Really, really looking forward to the "it's all done" reread of this series.

Trees #7

Another series kicking into high gear, with a sense of things happening, if not of things converging. A bit puzzled by the decision to not bother with location captions, but if Ellis wants that level of attentiveness, he's a writer who's entitled to it, frankly. In any case, things happen. Is interesting.

Lazarus #13

Not only are things heating up, I feel like I understand them without having to reread a ton of past issues. There's no recap page, but pertinent information is given through dialogue reminders, and there's solid character work - I love the poker game amongst the Lazari, in particular. Not a jumping on point, but a solid reminder of why this is one of my favorite series going.


unnoun 6 years, 1 month ago

But why hasn't Ms. Marvel had any new issues!?

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Elizabeth Sandifer 6 years, 1 month ago

Looks like it took November off and is back in December along with WicDiv.

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Matthew Blanchette 6 years, 1 month ago

Sorry to pop in here with what might be a dumb question, but... I think you said we were getting a Pop Between Realities for Orphan Black -- what happened to that? Are we still coming up on that, at some point, or was it eventually decided against? :-/

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Tom 6 years, 1 month ago

Given that Image Digital struggles to do double page spreads properly, I'm guessing physical might be the way to go for Ody-C and its prog rock fold-out glory. It sounds like the kind of thing I will like a lot..

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