Eruditorum Press Books Make Great Christmas Presents


It's not still Black Friday or Cyber Monday or any shit like that, right? OK, good.

So, first of all, thanks everyone for funding us through eight Class reviews on Patreon. They've been fun, they've been infuriating, it's always nice to write adjacent to Doctor Who againI'll keep the $300 threshold for a Return of Doctor Mysterio review, and expect S10 to be in the same general range, maybe a little higher because I can probably get away with it. Still cheaper than making me go episode by episode through the Chibnall era might end up being.

Second of all, I did want to politely direct your attention to a few things that might be of interest during the holiday shopping season. Supporting independent leftist media is a revolutionary act, donchaknow. First of all there's Josh Marsfelder's Vaka Rangi, A briliant critical history of Star Trek that anyone who enjoyed TARDIS Eruditorum will get a kick out of. For the smart Star Trek fan in your life. Or because you want him to be in a good mood when I try to get him to podcast about Star Trek: Discovery next year.

Second, there's the myriad of books I've written. Nothing new yet this year, though note the word "yet," but all the old favorites like the first six volumes of TARDIS EruditorumA Golden Thread, the book on Flood I did with Alex Reed, and the Choose Your Own Adventure-style edition of Recursive Occlusion. Plus one I'd like to highlight, Guided By the Beauty of Their Weapons, my 2015 essay collection on thinking progressively about science fiction in the face of the alt-right. If you're minded to start 2016 by thinking about fighting back, I'm comfortable saying it's one of the most up-to-date books on the market.

Finally, I am going to get Last War in Albion for sale on Amazon in time for fairly easy Christmas delivery, so if that's a thing you want/want someone to get you, rest assured it can happen. For those budgeting, it'll be $4.99 in ebook and somewhere in the low $20s for print. Announcement when it's ready. (Kickstarter backers, full update tomorrow.)

And as always, even if you can't afford to give any money to support the blog, thanks for reading.

Oh, and I know loads of people who are in the general orbit of the blog have cool stuff for sale that people who read this blog might want to buy or put on their lists. If that's you, please, post in comments. And if you've still got presents to buy for awesome people, check the comments.


Prole Hole 4 years, 1 month ago

Phil, still loving everything that's going on here, and doing what I can to support through sales. As ever, keep up the good work.

For those interested, I've attempted to apply Phil's broadly redemptive approach to (brace for impact...) Star Trek: Voyager. There are reviews which are committed to just dealing with what's actually on screen (so without the broader cultural context of Phil's more critical and academic approach to Doctor Who, but equally without the gossip, drama, innuendo, behind-the-scenes stuff, and critically, disregarding received opinion about the show). However I am adopting a specifically redemptive and broadly feminist approach to the material. Well, I hope so, anyway. The books are called Think Good Thoughts, Volume One is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook, and Volume Two is available as both a Kindle eBook and a paperback (if there's demand - by which I mean if anyone ever asks for it - I can make Vol 1 available in paperback also).

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James Wylder 4 years, 1 month ago

Just in time for Christmas, I came out with my first novel: 10,000 Dawns. Its a Sci-Fi adventure filled with lots of character development, a female protagonist, cats, alternate realities, and revolution.
If you are hankering for some Doctor Who, or Faction Paradox-y fiction, check this out. Preview readers loved it. Also: its illustrated by Doctor Who fanartist Cazdinal!
10,000 Dawns:

And of course, my standard: I wrote a poem about every episode of Doctor Who. Its a great Christmas present. It has a Doctor Who cookbook as an appendix. People love it. Check it out.
An Eloquence of Time and Space:

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Alina 4 years, 1 month ago

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