Eruditorum Presscast: Kieron Gillen


It's my great pleasure to bring you the latest Eruditorum Presscast, in which I sit down and interview Kieron Gillen. Most of our conversation is about his new Avatar series Uber: Invasion, which continues the story of Uber by having Nazi superhumans invading the US. So yeah, it's a little on the nose right now, as we discuss. We also talk a bit about his other projects, including The Wicked + The Divine, Modded, and Mercury Heat. It's a good time, or at least, a time where we talk about the horrors of war and fascism a lot. You can download that here.

If this podcast interests you, you're probably the exact sort of person who would enjoy my new book, The Last War in Albion Volume 1, which looks at the history of British comics as a magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Volume 1 covers the early work of both men - basically everything pre-Watchmen - putting it in a frankly terrifying amount of context. That's for sale here. Or, if you're British, for sale here.

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Eric Gimlin 4 years ago

I have nothing particularly interesting to say, but I did want to say I enjoyed the podcast immensely.

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Masoud 4 years ago

What happened to Comics Reviews?

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