Esoterica, Power, and Dick Jokes (The Time Monster)

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No essay today -- instead we bring you a fabulous podcast!  Shana, Daniel, and I discuss the very weird Doctor Who story called The Time Monster, as a part of Shana and Daniel's ongoing Oi! Spaceman podcast series.  It's a hoot. 

Well, not like a hooting owl, which can screech terribly when flapping its wings in the glaring sunlight as it struggles to free itself from its crystalline prison. Hey, actually, now that I think about it, feathers aren't entirely dissimilar to flower petals.  Maybe I make this into some kind of a "jewel in the lotus" motif.  Nah, that would be ostentatious.  Certainly not appropriate for a gem like The Time Monster.

Anyways, you can get the podcast here. Enjoy.


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