IDSG Ep68 The Trial of Christopher Cantwell, with Hilary Sargent


Christopher Cantwell, the 'Crying Nazi', was recently tried and convicted in a federal court in New Hampshire.  As our regular listeners will know, we've been following Cantwell's fortunes for some time.  In this episode, Daniel and Jack are joined by special guest, journalist and Cantwell expert Hilary Sargent, to talk about the trial, and the long, winding, bizarre, horrifying story of how we got here. 

Content warnings.

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Hilary's Twitter: @lilsarg

Hilary's articles on the Cantwell trial for The Informant:

Don't do meth kids:


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This episode seems interesting.

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fall guys 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Is this penalty mild for 'Crying Nazi'?

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