Jack & El Holiday Q&A Audio


Still poking the Resolution review, so expect that Friday. For now, have the audio of Jack and I answering all manner of ridiculous questions on Discord


mx_mond 2 years ago

Oh wow, I really hope Jack writes something about Stewart Lee. That would be amazing.

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Dan 2 years ago

I could have sworn someone wrote something about Richard Herring...

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Comment deleted 2 years ago

Daru 2 years ago

Great! I was cued up for listening live and joining in but had net issues - so really glad to have this.

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John G. Wood 2 years ago

Finally got around to listening to this - good stuff, and not the questions I expected!

Regarding that 'monster', Andrew Hickey: I am thoroughly enjoying his podcast A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs, and would recommend it to anyone interested in the topic. Each episode is quite short, and we're only 14 episodes in so far - he's mostly been covering the first half of the 20th century - so not too much to catch up.

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