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Just wanted to use a dead day to give an update on how the TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 7 Kickstarter is going and to highlight one of the reward tiers I'm offering for this Kickstarter that I know will be of interest to some of you. So, after the best first couple of days any of my Kickstarters have ever had (yay!) the Kickstarter has dried up pretty significantly (boo!), ticking up only $60 or so the last two days. At the moment we're stuck pretty grimly in the low $7000s, which is fine and delightful, but a ways off from some pretty attractive stretch goals like the Kate Orman interview at $10,000 or me slogging through The Pit at $14,000. So if you haven't backed yet, well, now's a great time to. But more importantly, even if you don't have the money to back, I want to beg you again to spread the word about the Kickstarter. Post to social media. Right now a dozen and change of you have posted to Twitter about the Kickstarter. That's great, and thank you, but I know more than a dozen of you are reaeding this, so please. Post the Kickstarter link. Here it is again. Just say something like "hey, here's a cool Doctor Who Kickstarter I'm really hoping will make some stretch goals." Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, anywhere. I promise, your friends won't hate you for it, and it really does make a difference. More than $2000 of the current Kickstarter total is from social media links. 

OK. That's the begging done. Now for some fun bits. First, I want to highlight the high-roller reward tier, the $150 signed and numbered hardcover versin of the book. After doing the Sigil and Color editions of Neoreaction a Basilisk, I came to the conclusion that Kickstarter-exclusive special editions are a hella fun reward perk. And so I've decided to do something I've always wanted to do, but that didn't really make financial sense before, namely have a hardcover edition of the book. I haven't looked too closely into printing on it yet, but my plan is to have it be a nice, high-quality edition of the book. And if you're worried it won't match the rest of your books, I'll make a deal with you. Right now there are 11 hardcovers sold. If that number gets to 20, I'll figure out how to do hardcover editions of Volumes 1-6 for the truly ridiculous few. (And no, those won't be $150 a pop. They won't  be cheap, but I'll make sure catching up is as affordable as possible.)

Second, I want to talk about the next stretch goal, Lloyd Rose's The Algebra of Ice. Or, rather, I want to edit and expan on Twitter thread from a few days ago about why this book would be super cool to cover:

I can't hype this on the basis of Big Name Authors like I could Nightshade or Springhill, or even Master. This is by a woman named Lloyd Rose. She did a handful Wilderness Years things and mostly dropped out of sight. She doesn't seem to have a Twitter and isn't active in fandom.But she's *great*. So I'll just tell you a story. Skip ahead to me blogging the late McGann years. The Wilderness Years have gotten to be a bit of a slog. I'm all but counting the days til I get to write up Rose, and skipping any book I could get away with. But I needed some Eighth Doctor Adventure from the whole Sabbath mess post-Henrietta Street, and there was this really well-reviewed book called Camera Obscura by Lloyd Rose. I'd already skipped her better-reviewed City of the Dead, but I knew I had to take a look. And oh. *That's* what all the fuss was about. Rich prose, sharp characterization, a willingness and ability to tackle the Eighth Doctor Adventures's (usually recklessly) big ideas. This was good shit. Which brings us to The Algebra of Ice, her next book, featuring the 7th Doctor. I'd skipped this one too, because there's just a lot of Seventh Doctor material. But I'd love to go back to it. Crop circles made of ice, strange realms of pure mathematics, and a damn good author that'll increase the number of female authors covered in Volume 7. Right now we're just $612 from covering it. After which the next goal will be the 7th Doctor and River Song. Oh yes.

Once again, the Kickstarter is right here. Thanks for your support and your spreading the word I'll be back in a few days with some more cool news.


Jessica 3 years ago

The second link to the Kickstarter is actually to an admin page on Eruditorum Press.

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David H 3 years ago

Shared to a "Progressive Doctor Who Fans" facebook group. Good luck!

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Comment deleted 3 years ago

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