Olive Peaseblossom in... Hive City Hootenanny


Penn and I finished a second comic! Here it is, in all its very silly glory. Clicking to expand images works. If you'd like to read artists notes, they're up at Penn's site (where the comic is also frankly in a better for reading version), and I have writers notes up at Patreon.

Think this is it for me this year. I'll see you all in January for Doctor Who discourse, which I'm sure you're all terribly excited for. And it shouldn't be too far into 2021 that Last War in Albion starts up again here.



Ross 1 month ago

The last panel reminds me of the observation I heard some years ago that you can usually guess the quality of a Barbecue place by the mascot: realistic pig < cartoon pig < anthropomorphic cartoon pig < anthropomorphic cartoon pig cooking barbecue.

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Penn Davies 1 month ago

Wait, there's another Penn I didn't know about? This changes everything! :)

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t rex games 4 weeks ago

The story is very interesting! Your drawing is also very beautiful! Looking forward to the next volume of stories

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Rosemery2511 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Found the post worthy enough to give a notice…truly a well-written post with a truckload of information!

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