Saturday Waffling (May 21st, 2016)


First off, two Patreon-related bits of news. First, N.K. Jemisin, author of the best SF/F novel of 2015, has just started a Patreon. She's offering excerpts from forthcoming works, exclusive short stories, and more cool content. Awesome stuff, and totally worth it. Plus it'd be fun to see her hit her $2000 a month goal in the first twenty-four hours. She's on track, and personally, I think the $60 it would cost to back her at $5 a month is a better use of your fandom dollars than a MidAmericacon II membership. Your mileage may vary, or your financial circumstances allow for both. 

Second, my own Patreon has dipped slightly below the Game of Thrones reviews threshold. I'm not going to discontinue them immediately, but this is a magical ritual to pay my rent.

In other news, the magical ritual to pay for my move, aka Neoreaction a Basilisk, continues to do amazingly well on Kickstarter. We're into the high-end goals now, and it looks like it's going to be really close on whether this makes it over $14k and gets to what I sort of consider the "complete" book. We're only about $350 away from "Lizard People, Dear Reader," which is a number we could in theory hit today. The goals after that are all pretty fun, so I'm optimistic the pace can keep up. But please, if you enjoy the work I do (and we do) here, even if you can't afford to back it or aren't quite $5 worth of interested, spread the word. What helps drive sales at this point in a campaign is when new people hear about the book. So link them to an excerpt, to a podcast, to the Kickstarter. And if you're on the fence about it, I've added a new $1 tier whereby you can just download the review copy I posted as a backers only update. If you like it, maybe consider upgrading from that if you can. If you don't, I appreciate your not cancelling the pledge. 

We've got the final two Neoreaction a Basilisk podcasts this week, with our very own Jane Campbell (who should be back on Tuesdays soon) and a guest I've long wanted to get on the site, Alex Reed of Seeming. Also, be sure to stop by on Wednesday morning for Major Site News. (It's good news! Awesome news even!)


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