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You have to wait two or three years between Star Wars movies.  And that's when a trilogy is under way.  At other times you have to wait decades.  Hopefully it won't be that long before the next bit of my even-more-exciting-than-the-films Forward, to the Past! trilogy of posts appears.  In the meantime, here's Shabcast 15, AKA Shabcast L15TEN.

This month I'm joined by my online buddy Daniel Harper of the Oi! Spaceman podcast/blog which he co-hosts/writes with his wife Shana Wolstein.  (I know you know.  Phil, James, and I have all been guests on it lately.  I'm just covering all the bases.) 

Dan and I are both Moffat-sceptics (to put it mildly) but in this episode we talk at length about a Moffat episode we both really like, the series 8 classic 'Listen'.  We make time to snark at the man too, but generally we come to praise Moffat not to bury him.

Download or listen (ho ho - pun intended!) here.

We also talk a little bit about a certain recent news event.  If you can guess which artist has unwittingly donated songs to this month's edition, you get to download the Shabcast for free.


Anthony Herrera 5 years ago

As soon as Jack mentioned a sitcom that came on late at night on Channel 4 I immediately said out loud "Nightingales" and then he said it and I screamed "YES!" and I realized that as an American I know FAR too much about British television comedy. Oh and of course they both perfectly summed up why I like this much more than most Moffat stories. I had never thought about Danny and Clara's date in terms of the episodes theme of fear but yes of course that's why those scenes work so well. Also, the point about Moffat riffing on old sitcoms struck a chord. He does seem to be stuck in time. I don't know how else to explain him thinking that the Doctor wearing sunglasses and playing guitar is in any way "cool" by modern standards. I mean I don't know if Peter Capaldi headlining an EDM festival would be any better but maybe the Doctor doesn't need to be cool. Oh, and I'm not saying that EDM is cool and I should also mention that I really like the 6th doctor's coat so maybe I should shut the hell up about what is and isn't cool.

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Nate Derr 5 years ago

I've taken the guitar and sunglasses thing to just be another example of the Doctor being out of touch. No characters aside from the Doctor seems particularly impressed with them, and there isn't much in the text to suggest we're supposed to read them as "actually cool" rather than "a millennia-old alien's conception of cool." If this was unintentional on Moffat's part then all the better, I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anthony Herrera 5 years ago

I sort of had that thought too and that maybe it was in response to how actually fashionable both Tennant and Smith were. But again, this is not my wheelhouse and I can't understand why I even brought it up.

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