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I think it's Kinda funny, I think it's Kinda sad

I just realised I forgot to post a link to the commentary tracks Phil Sandifer and I recorded for 'Kinda' as part of Phil's ongoing series. 

There's a zip file you can download which includes all four episodes, here.

Apologies about the poor quality of the audio in my sections.  I was, for various complicated reasons, temporarily forced to use my laptop's integral mic.  Which is, as you will discover, shit.

In other news, Pex Lives has recently released a special episode - here - in which James Murphy chats Orson with Gene Mayes.  Lots of fun for orsonians like me.  Gene will be my guest for Shabcast 10, out next month.  Here's a link to his new blog, which I heartily recommend.

Holly and James' most recent episode of City of the Dead is here.

And Phil Sandifer has just interviewed Peter Harness, writer of 'Kill the Moon' (which I still haven't seen) and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which I did see and thought was fantastic.  The interview can be downloaded or listened to here.

Phil and I will be shabcasting again soon, and we'll be back ...

The Ark in Space Commentary, etc

Phil and myself are back with more episode commentaries, for 'The Ark in Space' this time.

Oh your lucky, lucky ears.

Download a zip containing all four episodes here.


In other audio news, Holly B of Comfortable Bohemian Elegance has begun a new podcasting project, City of the Dead, which will cover all the Amicus films.  She's accompanied by James Murphy of Pex LivesHere's episode one, covering the movie City of the Dead (AKA Horror Hotel) which features the late Christopher Lee.  It's a funny and thoughtful first episode, and the series looks well worth following.

It's really nice to see tabs like 'City of the Dead' and 'Eruditorum' and (of course) 'Shabcasts' appearing down the side of the Pex Lives Libsyn pageKevin and James really are generous and encouraging coves who are coaxing great content out of great people... and even some passable content out of me!  Long may they continue.

Shabcast 6

Shabcast 6 is now available to download or listen to here...


This Shabcast is an accompaniment to this month's edition of Pex Lives (download or listen here), which features the long-awaited encounter between Phil Sandifer (from off of TARDIS Eruditorum) and 'Vox Day' (from off of fascism and fucking up the Hugo Awards).

Kevin and James have kindly turned the June installment of Pex Lives over to the Sandifer/Vox Day interview, in which Phil quizzes Vox about his attitudes towards two texts, One Bright Star to Guide Them by John C. Wright (which Vox loves and Phil hates) and Iain M. Banks' The Wasp Factory (which Vox hates and Phil loves).

One Bright Star... slid into the Hugo noms on Vox Day's Rabid Puppies slate, by the way.  Hmm.

Shabcast 6 is something in the way of an 'afterparty' for Phil, in which Phil chats with myself, Kevin and James about the Vox Day interview.  Very much necessary listening.  And lots of fun.  After the serious business of the interview itself, the four of us kick back and have a chat which veers from the serious to the plain giggly ...

Commenting on Three Doctors

Phil Sandifer and I have created another set of episode commentaries, this time for 'The Three Doctors'.  It's a fun set of tracks, largely because about half way through I abandon any attempt to be serious and just start giggling and pissing about.

Download the whole thing in a zip file here, or have a look at Phil's post.

Emergency Anti-Fascist Shabcast 3 (Hugo Awards)

Shabcast 3 was supposed to be the second part of my discussion with Josh Marsfelder.  (Here's part 1 of that discussion.)  But events have intervened.  Now, Josh and I will carry on our talk in Shabcast 4 (hopefully out quite soon... so you'll probably get two Shabcasts this month, you lucky blighters).  Shabcast 3, meanwhile, has been devoted to an emergency, hastily-convened discussion between myself, Phil Sandifer and Andrew Hickey on the subject of the recent right-wing incursion upon the Hugo Awards.

Download Shabcast 3 here (thanks once again to the Pex Lives guys for donating their bandwidth).  We do a fair bit of fash-lambasting, and Andrew especially gives lots of background to this particular issue, but we also find time to roam and rove a bit around some related topics, such as modernism and postmodernism and geek privilege and GamerGate and "what is SFF anyway???".

Andrew and Phil have both blogged about the Hugos issue (which is why I asked them to speak to me about it), and here are some more links...

Here's Charlie Jane Anders at io9.

One of the movers behind this business is the utterly reprehensible fascist ...

Yet More Audio (Mind Robber Commentaries)

Strange, isn't it?  Years go by without you hearing my voice... and now I won't shut up!  But yes, there's some more audio for you to enjoy with your ears.  This time it's another Eruditorum/Shabgraff co-venture, with Phil Sandifer and I talking over the top of one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever made.  Very much for people who think Doctor Who is best when you can't hear the dialogue... but can hear two bloggers talking about it.  Hmm.

I'm only kidding.  These commentaries are actually all brilliant.  Especially my bits.  (Phil's are quite good, but he does insist upon letting actual knowledge and erudition interfere with the flow of manic blithering... which is not a problem I have, let me tell you.) 

This time you can download all the episodes at once, which is a better way of doing it (I think).  Just click here, my poor innocent trusting fools.

Shabcast 2

Yes, Shabcast 2 is here.  This month, you get the first part of my immensely long (and ongoing) discussion with the wonderful Josh Marsfelder, writer of the Star Trek blog that makes all other Star Trek blogs look like nothing more than Star Trek blogs, Vaka Rangi.

There will be more of the discussion up next month in Shabcast 3.

Meanwhile, Shabcast 1 - with me and Phil Sandifer - is still available here.

And, once again, thanks to the lovely lads at the Pex Lives Podcast for providing me with the bandwidth to make this project possible.  Pex Lives' latest edition is just out, and is about 'The Trial of a Time Lord', and is very funny and opinionated (I think they're a bit hard on Colin Baker to be honest, and far too kind to The Verve).  Download or listen here.

More Audio News

Phil Sandifer and I have started to record commentaries for Doctor Who episodes.  So far we've only done 'The Rescue', but the plan is to do some more.  We're both quite happy with the ones we've done, and I think they're a lot of fun. 

'The Rescue' Episode 1 can be downloaded or heard here.

'The Rescue' Episode 2 can be downloaded or heard here.

I'm so pleased with the result that I may use the 'natter while watching' format for future Shabcasts.

Shabcast 1 was a roaring success, by the way... at least in terms of numbers of listens/downloads.  Many thanks to Phil (again), and the Pex Lives boys (again) and to all the people who listened or downloaded.  If you did so because you're a reader of mine rather than a regular Pex Lives listener, then

a) thanks, and

b) you should listen to Pex Lives, because it's great.

The next Shabcast is being planned as we speak, and looks set to be just as good as the first one.  Look for it some time next month.

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