Emergency Anti-Fascist Shabcast 3 (Hugo Awards)

Shabcast 3 was supposed to be the second part of my discussion with Josh Marsfelder.  (Here‘s part 1 of that discussion.)  But events have intervened.  Now, Josh and I will carry on our talk in Shabcast 4 (hopefully out quite soon… so you’ll probably get two Shabcasts this month, you lucky blighters).  Shabcast 3, meanwhile, has been devoted to an emergency, hastily-convened discussion between myself, Phil Sandifer and Andrew Hickey on the subject of the recent right-wing incursion upon the Hugo Awards.

Download Shabcast 3 here (thanks once again to the Pex Lives guys for donating their bandwidth).  We do a fair bit of fash-lambasting, and Andrew especially gives lots of background to this particular issue, but we also find time to roam and rove a bit around some related topics, such as modernism and postmodernism and geek privilege and GamerGate and “what is SFF anyway???”.

Andrew and Phil have both blogged about the Hugos issue (which is why I asked them to speak to me about it), and here are some more links…

Here‘s Charlie Jane Anders at io9.

One of the movers behind this business is the utterly reprehensible fascist shithead and ‘fantasy author’ Theodore Beale (AKA ‘Vox Day’).  Here‘s his entry at Rational Wiki.  And here is every post ever about him (there’s lots of them) at David Futrelle’s excellent MRA-watch blog We Hunted the Mammoth, cataloguing the man’s career of saying vile, nazi things.  This is the guy who created a slate that swept the nominations at the Hugos, thanks to him organising his tiny gaggle of reactionary scumfuck fans.  Read, boggle and weep.

(Once again, here is the link to download or listen to our shabcast.  Special thanks to Phil and Andrew for joining me to do it at such short notice.)

NOTE 7/4/15:  I originally included a link to a Bibliodaze article about last years‘ Hugos.  Thanks to Phil Sandifer for pointing out my stupid mistake.…

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