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Saturday Waffling (August 29th, 2015)

Those inclined towards more of me nattering on about the Hugos will enjoy the video blog I just did for the wonderful Aric Clark. Embedded below.

Those who want to talk about something different, well, let's do the Hannibal finale, which airs properly tonight (next week UK, I believe), although I do the same thing I do with Doctor Who and buy the iTunes Season Pass then torrent the episodes.

Anyway, I thought it was brilliant. Fun Shabcast with Jack coming where we talk about it and many other things. How'd you like it, if you watched it?

Saturday Waffling (August 15th, 2015)

I was pleasantly surprised when, along with the expected release of the Janelle Monáe-led The Eephus EP, the end of the week brought a new FKA Twigs EP as well. The Eephus is solid; its main effect is to stress the intriguing talent of Jidenna, whose "Classic Man" is probably the highlight, getting the obligatory remix with Kendrick Lamar verses (not as good a version, but charming in its own right). Monáe's "Yoga" (also featuring Jidenna) is also great. The remaining tracks are somewhat filler, although Roman GianArthur's "iKnow" is decent.

Also essential viewing is the entire Wondaland crew's "Hell You Talmbout," a live cut about police brutality.

The FKA Twigs release, M3LL155X, is of more consistent quality. Nothing comes close to "Two Weeks" in quality, but that's the sort of song few artists ever hit the quality of twice in a career, so that's churlish. The standout track is probably "In Time," though as I said, they're all quite good. The above link is a combo music video for the first four tracks, and is disturbing and weird and wonderful.

What've you all been listening to?

Or, alternate second topic, Vox Day decided ...

Saturday Waffling (August 8th, 2015)

You will recall that the Super Nintendo Project is a magical ritual to destroy Gamergate.

Less than twenty-four hours after the Lemmings post went up, Reaxxion, the neo-reactionary gaming site created by Roosh V (of Return of Kings infamy) created to try to get people to make the leap from Gamergate to literal, actual rapist announced that it would be closing.

You're welcome.

The Great Leisure continues on Monday with Contra III: The Alien Wars. And then The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past the week after that, which I'll be writing in the next day or two, and which will go up pretty much as soon as it's ready for Patreon backers. Who have had the Contra III post since Monday. They live in the future. Or you live in the past. Hopefully the Kinda commentary track I did with Jack Graham will also go up sometime this week, along with an a review of Charlie Jane Anders's All The Birds in the Sky.

I'm delinquent on last month's Patreon bonus post, which is going to be about True Detective and Hannibal, I think mainly because I feel the need for ...

Saturday Waffling (August 1st, 2015)

So, you may recall a month or two ago when I ran a big, juicy story on how the website Doctor Who Online was ripping off advertisers. And that got me thinking about my own advertising, and about how I'd much rather be offering advertising to other small businesses within the fan/geek community than selling them via Google and hosting loads of crap ads using phrases like "one weird trick" and "professors hate him" unironically.

So I'm pleased to announce that I've switched advertising over to Project Wonderful, an advertising network created by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics/Squirrel Girl fame, and working mostly among webcomics and other independent websites. Which means that you, yes you, can now easily advertise on my site.

Ads are bid-based, so they cost, basically, as much as people are willing to pay for it. The ads helpfully self-advertise how much outbidding the current ad would cost you, and if you click on the text beneath the ads they'll give you nice and easy directions on how to advertise. I get more page views per day than Doctor Who Online, and charge a fraction of the price for ads. So ...

Saturday Waffling (July 25, 2015)

The Davison/Baker edits are continuing to come along nicely; I'm firmly in the midst of the extra essays, which are mostly going to end up being Colin Baker extra essays, just because I think that makes for a better book really.

The last Brief Treatise for the foreseeable will go up on Monday, and then "Name of the Doctor" on Tuesday. I've got the first sentence of my Hannibal/True Detective piece, but it's not quite cohering yet. I know the broad strokes of what I want to say, but the shape is still proving elusive.

So, Super Nintendo Project for a bit after that. The next stretch of games, namely "those that came out in 1993," will take us pretty much right up to Doctor Who Season Nine, at which point I'll switch to that.

Unless the Patreon hits $325 by then. If it does, I'll run something alongside S9 reviews. Maybe another stretch of Super Nintendo Project. Maybe something else.

Speaking of which, are there any topics that would get you to back the Patreon if you're not already a backer? With Brief Treatise off the table for a bit, I ...

Saturday Waffling (July 18th, 2015)

Finally getting my teeth into the extra essays for the Davison/Baker book, so that's nice. Shouldn't be much longer on that. After that, Last War in Albion Book One, alongside my end-of-year targeted collection of a couple of my stand-alone pieces. So that's all fun.

Speaking of the Davison/Baker book, I'd love to do an essay on the original Paul Cornell story serialized in Queen Bat that he later adapted into Timewyrm: Revelation. Anyone who has a lead on a copy that they could help me with, I'd be appreciative.

"Blackwater" will go up Monday, and then "Valar Morghulis" the week after, with the Super Nintendo Project resuming in August. I'm not planning on going back to Brief Treatise until at least Season Six's transmission. Super Nintendo Project will run until mid-September, at which point I'll either switch to Doctor Who reviews or, if the Patreon gets above $325 by then, do Super Nintendo Project alongside Doctor Who reviews.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell will go up tonight. It's a good one.

How did people end up voting in the Hugos? And also, reactions to the Season Nine trailer ...

Saturday Waffling (June 27th, 2015)

Update: Mr. Brook has responded in the comments. Jack Graham, on Twitter, characterizes his response as "bluff and bafflegab and nothing else," which is pretty much the long and short of it. I've got a funeral today (not mine), so I won't be able to address it in detail until tonight. I've replied in the comments, and updated the original post. The tl;dr is "regrettably it seems like only legal action is appropriate, and that victims should contact UK Trading Services via Citizens Advice."

The original post follows.
Surprising nobody, this is pretty much all about the article I posted on Thursday accusing the website Doctor Who online and its owner Sebastian Brook of fraud. We'll be back with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell tonight.

The reports of Sebastian J. Brook and Doctor Who Online ripping people off continue to roll in, both over this and over a wealth of previous slights to a variety of people, both prominent and obscure, over the past decade. Seemingly nobody actually has a good word to say about him or the site.

Meanwhile, Brook remains silent, his only response to people who ask for a response to my ...

Saturday Waffling (June 20th, 2015)

There is a prominent Doctor Who site that I have very strong suspicions engages in deeply fraudulent and exploitative practices with regards to their advertising. I was a victim of this scam, but managed to get my money back (by threatening to go public with the evidence I had), which led me to remain silent at the time, but I've since come across a corroborating story that convinces me that this was not an isolated incident. However, I would like to get my ducks in a row and have a rock solid case that this wasn't just me before I name the site.

The mechanics of this scam involve getting cold emailed by the owner of the site, who will offer supposedly discounted advertising rates for a three month banner ad on their site, offering thousands of clicks for a price measuring in the hundreds of pounds depending on the size of the ad you buy, and generally assuring you of the quality of advertising with his site and the remuneration you will get. In reality, his ad will net you at best a few dozen clicks, and no sales to speak of.

If you've been the ...

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