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Saturday Waffling (December 7th, 2013)

So. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

I'll confess up front that I haven't seen her in anything. The only one of the Fast and the Furious films I saw was the first one, which was a perfectly serviceable mindless action movie of the sort Vin Diesel is very good at appearing in. My only memory of it is the bit where the car drives under a semi. I assume the subsequent movies are memorable in exactly the same ways.

Which is to point out what everybody with a brain and a keyboard already has, which is that there's nothing in her resume that inspires confidence. This is not in and of itself a problem - Lynda Carter had a thin resume as well, and she was phenomenal in the part. Everybody has a big break.

And I'm not one of the people who's intrinsically down on the movie because it's a Zack Snyder film. I like Snyder, and think he's largely misunderstood. I liked Man of Steel. The problem is that everything I liked about Man of Steel is also a reason why it's a terrible cornerstone to try to build a big ...

The Five Wonder Woman Comics You Must Own

As promotion for my forthcoming book on They Might Be Giants' Flood (out this Thursday!), my co-author and I are guest-editing the 33 1/3 blog at this week. That's right, you get double the blogging from me this week. Our first post is here, featuring bits of our interview with the band that didn't fit into the book.

So, you've bought A Golden Thread, my critical history of Wonder Woman. And you're one of the readers who hasn't read any Wonder Woman comics - which is fine, as I wrote the book assuming a reader who hadn't. But now you want to go read some because you're interested.

Or perhaps you haven't bought it yet because you don't know enough about Wonder Woman, but you're curious why I think the topic is so interesting.

Either way, here are my picks for the five Wonder Woman collections/eras somebody interested in knowing more about the fascinating history of the character should read. Or just the five Wonder Woman collections anyone looking for a good comic should read. Really, just read them. Then go buy A Golden Thread. Even ...

A Wondrous Book Launch

The cover art is, as ever, by the fantastic
James Taylor, who talks about his process
over here
Last War in Albion will run on Saturday this week, in lieu of the usual waffling.

I am pleased to announce that A Golden Thread: An Unofficial Critical History of Wonder Woman is at long last available from Eruditorum Press. It's priced at $7.99 for the US ebook edition, with all other editions priced to give me the same royalty. You can buy it now at Amazon (Print, Kindle), Amazon UK (Print, Kindle), and Smashwords, which can provide you with ebook versions for any non-Kindle devices. It's available in most other Amazon stores, and will be on Nook, iBooks, and Sony stores in a few weeks.

The book is a critical history of Wonder Woman, focusing primarily but not exclusively on her comic book appearances. It starts in 1941, as William Moulton Marston, a pop psychologist, creates a female superhero to advance his idiosyncratic goals about the relationship between men and women, through the days when she was more feminist than Gloria Steinem, and all the way to the present day, where the character is stuck in DC ...

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