The Big Bang Commentary


"Pond.  Rory Pond."


Commentary time again.  Here's Elizabeth and myself watching and talking about (and talking around... and often failing to talk about) the Series 5 finale 'The Big Bang'.

Download here.


Also, we're re-upping the old commentaries at the Pex Lives Libsyn, as per requests.  One per month, starting this month with the commentary we recorded for the Hartnell classic two-parter 'The Rescue', which saw the introduction of Vicki.

Download Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.



Kazin 12 months ago

Just a heads up, the first episode of The Rescue on the libsyn says the commentary is by Elizabeth and someone named Phil ;)

Thank you for uploading them!

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Jack Graham 12 months ago

Thanks. Fixed.

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mx_mond 12 months ago

While I really like Rory as a vision of ideal masculinity and it’s my assumption that the “he’s scared of Amy” aspect is a joking manner of saying that women should be feared and revered, for me it points to being really deprived of affection/ emotionally abused, so that part really jars.

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Jonixw 12 months ago

My favorite idea from part one of these was that Jack actually lived at Stonehenge as a hermit (it is part of my Eruditorum headcanon now). The best one from this was the idea that The Doctor Dances should be called The Doctor Fucks instead.

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darkspine10 12 months ago

I think River in this story really doesn't remember Rory, as like Amy she forgets him because he's part of her personal timeline. That's why she acts so blase to him, instead of it being her lying.

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Kazin 12 months ago

Hoooooooooly crap am I excited about the alluded to future commentary between you two.

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