I Don't Speak German, Episode 24 - Conspiracy Theories and Online Radicalisation (with David Neiwert)

This week, Daniel is joined by special guest David Neiwert, author of Alt-America and The Eliminationists, to discuss conspiracy theories and online radicalisation, Andy Ngo and concrete milkshakes, and David's recent temporary Twitter suspension.

Content warnings, as always.

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Show Notes:


Alt-America at Amazon

David Neiwert's Orcinus blog

David Neiwert Twitter Suspension

David Neiwert discusses his Twitter suspension

Andy Ngo commits journalistic malpractice about hate crimes, a David Neiwert Twitter thread

Video of skirmish involving Andy Ngo

Vic Berger, "Andy Ngo Attacked! (In Context)"

Pop Between Realities, Home in Time for Tea: Rick and Morty

On October 7th, 2017, just over two months after The Doctor Falls, police were called to several McDonald’s locations following a disastrous promotion in which the fast food restaurant brought back an obscure McNuggets dipping sauce, “Szechuan sauce,” that had briefly been released nearly twenty years earlier to tie-in with the release of Disney’s Mulan. The limited amount of sauce released to select McDonald’s was wildly insufficient for the crowds that arrived, which consisted of hundreds of people lining up for hours only to discover that restaurants had as few as twenty sauce packets. The result was bedlam—young men (the crowds were almost exclusively male) hurling obscenities and venting their frustration on minimum wage workers. On Twitter, people seriously suggested class action lawsuits and claimed that any workers who had a bad day deserved it because of the company’s bad actions.

The key bit of context needed to understand this madness is why McDonald’s was bringing back an ancient dipping sauce that Eater described as having “the color and consistency of strawberry jelly” and tasting “mainly like corn syrup with maybe a tiny bit of Worcestershire thrown in.” The answer is that several months earlier, when the ...

I Don't Speak German Episode 23 - Andrew Anglin and The Daily Stormer

This episode, Daniel tells Jack all about Andrew Anglin and The Daily Stormer.  Heavy duty content warnings for both show and notes below.

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Cantwell news:

"As co-defendants fight discovery, Cantwell threatens lawyer," The Daily Progress. https://www.dailyprogress.com/news/local/as-co-defendants-fight-discovery-cantwell-threatens-lawyer/article_619851ce-8ad9-599b-88fa-6f289e90d400.html

"On June 18 Cantwell posted an article about Roberta Kaplan, the lead lawyer on the case, to the messaging site Telegram, which is frequented by extremists.

“After this stupid kike whore loses this fraudulent lawsuit, we’re going to have a lot of fucking fun with her,” Cantwell wrote.

The threat was mentioned during a telephonic hearing Tuesday in federal court in Charlottesville, where lawyers discussed the snail’s pace of the discovery process in the lawsuit that alleges organizers and key participants in the Aug. 12, 2017, white supremacist rally planned and promoted violence against protected groups.

Cantwell has posted derogatory statements about Kaplan before, the plaintiffs’ lawyers wrote in a motion filed Tuesday, but his recent statement is a “thinly-veiled threat” that impairs the lawyers’ ability to carry out their work.

The lawyers asked the court to enjoin Cantwell to refrain from any future threats.

Cantwell already has been found guilty ...

This Old Body of Mine (World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls)

Moffat sent Capaldi off with an acting challenge to rival Heaven Sent, namely selling the line "A Mondasian Cyberman!"

It’s June 24th, 2017. Artists for Grenfell, a charity supergroup including Stormzy, Robbie Williams, Brian May, and Pete Townshend, are at number one with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which lasts for a week before “Despacito” makes its inevitable return. Little Mix, Rita Ora, and DJ Khaled also chart. In news, a terrorist attack occurs in Finsbury Park as a man drives a van into a crowd near a mosque while shouting “Kill all Muslims,” while ISIL destroys the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri in Mosul. And Theresa May finally reaches an agreement with the DUP to support her government for the low, low price of one billion pounds. 

While on television, the end, or at least, the beginning of it, as Moffat ultimately found himself persuaded to do one more Christmas special, as Chibnall wasn’t going to be ready for one yet. Indeed, this final duology serves to interestingly highlight the nature of a regeneration story by taking the two crucial elements of one and splitting them into different stories. Twice Upon a Timegets the marquee moment in ...


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Egypt live at Manchester
Xmas special

While Kate Bush was staging her only tour, the 1980s were being born. The Labour government of James Callaghan collapsed, and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives came to power, a major step towards the austerity policies and neoliberalism that’s defined the last forty years.  The Camp David Accords were orchestrated by American President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin, and the Egypt-Israel Peace treaty, effectively terminating the Israeli occupation of Sinai while also seeing to it Egypt began supplying Israel with oil. Soon afterwards, Carter lost a presidential election to Ronald Reagan, the American half of neoliberalism’s early regime. CNN was established, arcade video games were becoming a viable commercial presence, and John Lennon was killed in New York. To be an artist is to be a cultural marker for a moment in history. To be one in 1980 was to ...

You Were Expecting Someone Else: The Missy Chronicles

And so begins the endgame of an era, in which I traditionally wander around a bit and look at other things before actually resolving the era. We’ve two more Capaldi-era stories and five entries to cover them with. And today we dip into the BBC Books line for the fourth time this era because I want to talk a little more about Missy, and the alternative is Big Finish’s box set and, well, we don’t do that anymore. So instead we get BBC Books’ anthology of Missy-centric short stories.

Like most BBC Books products, it suffers from the obvious problem of dead weight writers. I’m sure Peter Anghelides is a lovely person (although really you’d think I’d have been burned enough times by the BBC-sanctioned pro-fan class to just stop with that assumption), but there’s simply no reason why one of the writers of The Ancestor Cell should be writing new release Doctor Who material in 2018 except for the fact that they haven’t actually changed editors since the book after that. And yes, there’s also an inevitable firmly adequate story by James Goss and an effort by Cavan Scott that includes metaphors like “a look that would wither Krynoids” ...

The Tour of Life

Tour of Life
Hammersmith Odeon
Manchester Apollo
Let It Be
I Don’t Remember
Nationwide documentary

The touring career of Kate Bush consists of 29 shows across 6 countries in roughly 6 weeks, with performances of 2 existing albums and a burgeoning third. Bush’s singular tour defines her career as much as “Wuthering Heights,” Hounds of Love, and her 12-year moratorium on new albums between The Red Shoes and Aerial. The difference between that music, that gap, and the tour, however, is accessibility. You can listen to Bush’s music pretty much whenever provided you have the physical media, or a steady Internet connection. The Tour of Life is Bush’s only tour — if you wanted to see her do a full concert outside of the UK, you could only have done so in April or May 1979. Sparseness is a key ingredient of Bush’s career, one that perhaps makes her especially suitable for a project like this blog. She builds her work piece by piece, letting it be an accumulation of important steps.

Planning for Bush’s tour (known then and during its existence just as the Kate Bush Tour) began at the end of December 1978 with a brainstorming session ...

I Don't Speak German - new episodes

Once again, sorry for missing posts.  Several new episodes to share.


Episode 20 - Gavin, Goad, and Edgelord Comedy (with Samantha Kutner)

Samantha Kutner returns to talk more about Gavin McInnes, including his book, his style, his appeal, and some of his influences.

Warnings apply.

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Show Notes:

Gavin McInnes "The Death of Cool."

Jim Goad's Group Hug

"The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet's Favorite Anti-Semitic Image"

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