The Longful Garden


You ever just have a name for something sitting around for years and then suddenly you’re holding a field recorder up to the drain pipe up the street from your house? …

Anyway, The Longful Garden is a narrative in noise, and is my debut release as The King of the HideBehinds — the name for my solo music projects. This one is ambient and noisy, occasionally melodic, and was constructed largely of smug satisfaction, a synth, field recordings and guitar pedals. And since the entire sun is being a Hidebehind today, I thought it was the perfect day to release it.

Take a walk with the King of the Hidebehinds to the Longful Garden, and see for yourself what she longs for. The album is pay what you want at Bandcamp.


Oh right, if it occurs to you that this is also the debut of me, and thus you have no clue who I am, well Hi! I’m Penn Wiggins, El’s husband and frequent collaborator — among other things, I’m the artist on Britain a Prophecy. Also I made a sound.




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