All-New All-Different Comics Reviews (June 15th, 2016)


From worst to best of what I read, with books that I wasn't willing to pay money for.

Lazarus #22

I may be putting this at the bottom for my own failings as opposed to the book's, given that I discovered an entire plotline I'd apparently completely failed to understand in the recap pages. (I'd been parsing the scenes of the second Forever as flashbacks for some reason.) Anyway, this is a fine issue of Lazarus, but I have to admit, there's not a lot that's fresh in this book at this point, and not only on the level of "what happens all feels pretty standard and expected," but on the level of "it is difficult to even imagine how the book could surprise me." Which I suppose is an odd question to ask, as it wouldn't be a surprise, but all the same, this just isn't a book I've got much excitement for right now and is becoming a bit of a loyalty read.

Spider-Gwen #9

I have a much easier time with Spider-Gwen when she's in conversation with the rest of the Marvel Universe, as opposed to when she's doing stories in her own bubble, and started this book mildly annoyed and a bit underwhelmed by it and wondering if I was going to keep going. I ended the book much more enthused and interested, after some good character notes. There's a mild impatience for the silly and obviously temporary "Gwen only has a finite number of doses of power left" status quo to go away so that the book can get back to its actual premise - it's exactly the sort of plot superhero comics are slightly crap at. But for the most part, fun superheroics.

Mercury Heat #10

Missed that this came out and just snagged it. A very "gets the job done" sort of issue, the job being a pseudo-conclusion that gives way to a nice big cliffhanger that will presumably close out this arc. There's not a lot new to introduce, though, and most of the intriguing questions left by previous issues have resolved into answers that, while perfectly fine and good storytelling, are, as is often the case, somewhat less interesting than the open-ended questions. So nothing wrong with it, but not an exceptionally gripping issue either.

Klaus #6

The Morrisonia really hits in full, with the sort of symbolism-infused vision quest you expect from Morrison. On the one hand this is a bit sad, the book seeming to give up most of what made it feel fresh and innovative in favor of predictability. On the other hand, this book has been wheel-spinning, and even if Morrison is leaning hard on old favorites here, it's still providing the book with a new momentum that it hasn't really had since issue #2 or so, making me at least a bit interested in the conclusion, even as it's pretty clear how everything is going to shake out. This remains Morrison's best work in a couple years, for better and for worse.

Scarlet #10

Not a ton new to say about this book, given how fast and decisively its been releasing. It remains an all too rare treat - a book I pick up mildly afraid this will be the issue where it compromises its aesthetics, and end thrilled and delighted that it's being so ruthlessly consistent and intelligent, holding to its moral logic and continuing to present it with brilliant and furious clarity. This is transgressive, angry, and brilliant stuff. If I hadn't recently hurled two or three recommendations at Jack, I'd be telling him to read it.

Next Week's Books

Barring anyone telling me that they want to slip me a copy of something, here's my pulls for next week:

  • Wonder Woman #1
  • Cry Havoc #6
  • Bitch Planet #8
  • She Wolf #1
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8
  • Ms. Marvel #8
  • Ultimates #8

And if there's anything that came out this week that you'd like my thoughts on, they're yours if you get me a copy of the book. 


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Oh my. I had even forgotten the hype around Klaus. Glancing in, the idiom feels interestingly like Journey into Mystery.

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