Comics Reviews (February 3rd, 2016)


Mercurty Heat #7

A really strong issue that continues the momentum from the end of the first arc, is genuinely funny at several points, and has a thoroughly fascinating cliffhanger, not just for the double-page spread/reveal (which is a great hook) but the issue's final line, which takes the reveal and puts it in a new light that's full fo questions, all of them good ones. Really quite excited for this arc. So why is it at the bottom of the list? Because of that fucking awful pun on the issue-ending title page, of course.

Batgirl #48

As with many Marvel books in 2015, this is suddenly much harder to enjoy knowing that Rebirth is coming to reboot or relaunch or whatever this title, presumably with something that isn't the Fletcher/Stewart/Tarr team or, for that matter, the attractive $2.99 price point. Anyway, it hangs over this perfectly adequate issue like an unpleasant cloud. Liked the end twist here, but this was oddly structured, and it's tough to get invested in the current arc, not least because the book itself is forced to admit repeatedly how much of a retread of an earlier one it is.

Incinvible Iron Man #6

Mike Deodato joins temporarily for his usual habit of double page spreads that in no way indicate that you should be reading across two pages. Seriously, any artist who does a two-page spread that does not have any panels crossing the middle should be slapped. Deodato also brings his expressionless faces and his comically "moody" shadows, while Bendis brings a slow-moving but in no way unenjoyable script that mostly serves as a recap of the first five issues. I admit, I'm eyeing Civil War II as a great jumping off point right now.

Digital code: FCM6VBCCYLS4

Spider-Man #1

Perfectly adequate and standard Bendis-Spidey, which feels slightly shy of good enough for the third #1 that Miles has gotten and yet another new status quo that doesn't actually feel particularly different from any of the old ones despite being in the not-the-616-anymore Marvel Universe. Still, it's an issue #1 and pretty good, so someone should probably snag the digital code on it. 

Digital code: FCMV6CHUQ49D

Klaus #3

The surprise of this has largely faded since its sublime first issue, and at this point I admit I have no idea how Morrison thinks there's four more issues of this to do. Still, this has several "bring a smile to your face" moments and remains a fun premise. Hoping it manages to keep the momentum up to remain one of Morrison's best titles in years, but as I admit, I'd be a lot more excited about this at a four-issue mini than the projected seven.

A-Force #2

My fears about this going to a co-author again appear unfounded, which I shouldn't be surprised by given that Kelly Thompson has long been one of the very intelligent people of comics fandom. Numerous laugh moments, and a real meatiness to the issue that feels well longer than its twenty pages. Great characterization to boot. All in all, a real treat. Man, though, I hope the rumors about She-Hulk and Civil War II aren't true, because it would suck to lose her from this book.

Digital code: THM6IRDN7DDW

Providence #7

An enthusiastic welcome back to Alan Moore's epic series of obscure Lovecraft jokes and big philosophical and mystical ideas that are approached entirely through implication. This month, the relationship between politics and dreams, "Pickman's Model," and, this being Providence, monster penises. 



Carey 5 years, 1 month ago

Whatever else there is to be said about Mike Deodato's art on Iron Man, he's drawing Vincent Cassel as Victor Von Doom. Possibly the best casting of all time.

I always knew Doctor Doom was secretly French.

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Elizabeth Sandifer 5 years, 1 month ago

I suspect he used Vince Vaughn for the large panel on page sixteen, which is even funnier.

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Anton B 5 years, 1 month ago

Batgirl. Marvel?
That'd be more Amalgam than Rebirth.

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Elizabeth Sandifer 5 years, 1 month ago

My point was to compare it to the fog of "is it Secret Wars yet" that engulfed Marvel.

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Anton B 5 years, 1 month ago

Ah, I missed the point, sorry. I must admit I gave up on DC totally about two reboots ago.

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Dominik Z 5 years, 1 month ago

"So why is it at the bottom of the list? Because of that fucking awful pun on the issue-ending title page, of course."

Well, it is a Kieron Gillen comic.

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Tim B. 5 years, 1 month ago

I'd argue it's the role of the editor to get Deodato to sort out panel layouts, and I suspect Bendis has a hand in the blame too. Seem to recall in the post Secret Invasion Dark Avengers run that had the Bendis/Deodato creative team there were some double page layouts with the same issue (may be a bit hazy on the details, it was several Marvel status quos ago), and Bendis strikes me as the kind of writer that works panel by panel full script.

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Elizabeth Sandifer 5 years, 1 month ago

I'd complain that I almost never enjoy Bendis/Deodato, but to be honest, I thought Aaron/Deodato was crap as well, and argued that Deodato managed to bring down the otherwise very good Messner-Loebs back on Wonder Woman, so I think I just really don't rate Deodato.

Bendis frustrates eternally, but he can produce the goods. Deodato always feels like he could be good, but I honestly can't think of when he has been.

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