Eruditorum Presscast: The Battle of Ranskoor av Kolos


For the last of our Series 11 podcasts, I'm joined by Niki Haringsma, author of the forthcoming Black Archive book on Love and Monsters. Have a gander here.


Roderick T. Long 2 years, 1 month ago

I wish I were a vegetarian, so I could respond to any invitation to "have a gander" with "sorry, I'm a vegetarian."

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Peter 2 years, 1 month ago

Slightly off topic, El, sorry, but I have the new About Time and they rub shoulders with your Eruditoriums - will we expect a new one soon? My last one is #6 - I do love both series...

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John G. Wood 2 years, 1 month ago

I've enjoyed all the presscasts, but I think this one is my favourite. Certainly it gave me enough to think about that I'll probably be able to enjoy the episode more when I eventually rewatch it. And it was fascinating to hear Niki's thoughts on some other topics too, particularly Exile. Thanks to you both, and to El's other guests earlier in the series.

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Ben Stephens 2 years ago

Hi Elizabeth. I'm a long time fan of your work (backed your Kickstarter for your first Hartnell reprint back in the day) and was very pleased to pop back to your site recently and find not only reviews of the current series but podcasts too! After reading your delightfully savage and astute take on this episode I chose to listen to this podcast. And with no disrespect to Niki this is far and away my least favourite of the several I have now sampled; if you have the time and inclination I would encourage you to take another run at this story as I'd love to hear more from you on it.

The discussion was fun and I don't doubt Niki would be an excellent guest to discuss other topics, but while I admire his enthusiasm his essential approach to Doctor Who seems to boil down to "any episode, or story, has no inherent value, quality, theme, etc other than what the viewer brings to it and I think everything is great so this is great" which must be very nice for him but not an especially useful gateway to any kind of serious, critical discussion of the material.

Fancy a Take Two? Either way keep up the great work. Cheers.

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Elizabeth Sandifer 2 years ago

You surely do not actually imagine I would rerecord a podcast a month after the fact because you personally did not enjoy it.

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Ben Stephens 2 years ago

Not at all! Rightly or wrongly I thought I detected in the podcast itself that in deference to your guest you may have been holding back from a deeper discussion of the episode and its problems - it does seem based on several more I have listened to that this one was atypical in its relative lack of deep engagement with the subject matter - it sounded like you repeatedly tried to get the conversation there and it just didn't happen. I wondered if you yourself may have considered a supplementary podcast if you had more you wanted to say about it. I had no expectation you would do anything other than whatever you want to do with your own time and energy, I only wanted to convey that I (and perhaps others?) would readily listen if you felt so inclined. I apologise that I did not express that better. Best wishes.

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