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"The system James and I have been using to post Pex Lives stuff to the site whereby James tells me it's up and I post about it has been falling through lately due to missed steps like James telling me or me doing anything about it." - Phil Sandifer, 27th April, 2017.

Being James Murphy is a remarkably frustrating endeavour and one I can't recommend. The only spot on the league table of frustrating tasks that beats being me is knowing me, I would guess. Yes, there's lots of upsides but there's also the beleaguered inability to ever capitalise on them. Let's say that for some reason a writer you greatly respect long ago chose to offer you an amplifier. That's great, you'll definitely do something about that, you (I) think to my(your)self. But then you don't, you useless bastard, you just get distracted and strum the same eight songs over and over on an acoustic guitar and go to work and sleep. Well, you'll never beat the world's finest procrastination artists, in their perfectly tidy houses, at their own game so you may as well make an effort at self improvement at self-promotion.

So. In an effort to actually exploit the kindness and worrying blindspot of my family here at Eruditorum Press, here's an update of some of the Pex Lives - a left wing podcast that uses Dr. Who as an excuse to meet again every month - that have fallen out of the sky since that strange bashfulness about bothering Phil around my media and cultural criticism overtook me.

Download the Doctor Who and Silurians episode of Pex Lives right here:

Look at the length of that link. Lovely, isn't it? That alone should keep you busy when you're depriving your boss of your surplus labour. And then there's the podcast itself, me and Kevin Burns bullshitting on classic gallic cinema and the Silurians' first appearance.

Here and now, now come hear, our 40th episode: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons.

And, finally, in the land that time forgot, the ghetto that was February of 2017, way back when Ronald Reagan was still President and you could get a goddamn ride at the funfair and a sodie pop for a nickel and still get change, here's our very ill, literally phoned in episode around the Tenth Planet. Now, that is a good serial of Dr. Who.

Somebody commented saying that one of the hosts let out a belch that was satisfying and happy sounding and it brought them some joy in these dark days and that you have to take any pleasure where you can get it, so, I suppose, keep an ear out for that wonder of an editing failure.


Moving on, let me tell you about the rebirth of a podcast within the cheerful anarcho-collective of the Pex Lives feed. I love the manners and movements of old horror films. And the Amicus films, cheap, pretty, and often very well written, acted, and directed, are prime examples of the stuff that draws me right on in. So I've got the City of the Dead podcast which is currently going through all the films that studio released and will then cover films that are appropriately City of the Dead-y. Amicus is often unfairly disregarded as a Hammer knock-off when it should be a very highly regarded Hammer knock-off with films that are sometimes leaps and bounds above the quality of its better known rival. 

Lee Russell hosts the best film podcast on the internet, They Must Be Destroyed On Sight, with my fellow Eruditorum Presser Daniel Harper. Danny boy, as he would loathe to be called here, is almost as bad as I am at posting online but I think you should watch this space for the genuinely important work he's got upcoming. Lee & Daniel's show is one that covers movies that you've never heard of and movies that you have and should reconsider, all within a great show that boasts a clever back and forth, bags of charm, and an incisive eye for details that others would miss.

James, you senile goat, why have you suddenly changed gears like a truck driver from talking about your Amicus podcast to mentioning sexy Lee Russell? What could those two topics possibly have in common? But wait! I've managed to convince Lee to be the cohost of City of the Dead as we cover some absolute blasts of the studio's output. And I'm hoping to keep him locked in this audio dungeon with me even after we wrap up the Amicus stuff and get more diverse.

Penultimately, I know you've been told about these by that infernal communist Jack Graham, but here's two episodes from the Wrong WIth Authority feed that I'm very proud of. WWA is me, Daniel Harper, Jack, and Kit Power. We're like Leatherface's kin round here, let me assure you. 

Firstly, here's the most recent ep of WWA proper about the film Mississppi Burning:

And an episode that I really like about the recent UK election. It's the content you crave.

Lastly, I'm helped out immensely by any spare change you fine people can throw at me as I busk out here, so if you're able to find even a single dollar a month to support this care worker on minimum wage (sad violins, poor boy) it would be incredibly gratefully received. My patreon supporters, whatever their level of donation, get at least one original piece of writing from me a month, extended reviews of the many interesting books I read and albums I listen to, and I'm working now on my reading public domain works that I think are important. For the month of August, my patrons will get an exclusive recording of my voice working its way around Thoreau's CIvil Disobedience. It's good stuff, promise. But, yeah, the very kind people who are already giving are making a noticable difference in essential household bills and I thank yaz very much.

Take care.


Kazin 3 years, 5 months ago

That belch was a very happy one indeed, and I will fight* anyone who says otherwise.

I've only listened to like a quarter of the above, got some catching up to do (hell, I've not even tried WWA yet and that sounds up my alley, so I'll start there).

*respectfully disagree with

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