Pex Lives 26: The Chase

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We're pleased to announce this month's second installment of Pex Lives, which I literally had no idea was even happening until it popped up in my inbox yesterday, and which I hope will be as pleasant a surprise for you as it was for me. You can get that right here. And here's the description:

Crack yourself open a can of classic Pex Lives, with Kevin and James talking about the month long horror movie marathon that is their Halloween tradition, how they feel about the latest episodes (they don't), and the mind boggling serial from 1965, the Chase.


dm 5 years, 3 months ago

Yes! So much more fun than that joyless crap that went out under the Doctor Who banner last weekend. This next story will be make or break for me (not that I'll ever stop watching, of course).

Also, I know I commented this on libsyn already, but how great are The Modern Lovers?!

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