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Myriad Universes: The Deceivers Part 2

Vaka Rangi Volume 1 is currently 33% off on Smashwords as part of the Eruditorum Press Holiday eBook sale with the coupon RT654, now through January 2, 2017. If you've got an eBook reader, are a fan of Vaka Rangi's take on Star Trek and haven't yet checked out the first volume of the revised version of this project, now might be a good time to do that!


The Geordis introduce themselves and exposit to one another. Our Geordi begins by recapping the events of last issue (or at least the parts of it pertaining to his and Deanna's subplot), while Bearded Geordi claims his team was on an urgent mission to intercept a rogue star that had entered the Beta Argotha system on a collision course with its host sun. In their universe (because of course they're from an alternate universe: Why on Earth would you ever suspect otherwise?), Beta Argotha has six planets instead of the five in our version of it, and the sixth is an inhabited world with no spaceflight capabilities and no way to divert the rogue star. On top of that, Bearded Geordi's Enterprise had only *discovered ...

Myriad Universes: The Deceivers Part 1: A Matter of Conscience...

The Enterprise is on routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Perhaps that should be left to speak for itself.

Ironically enough, while making small talk with Commander Riker, Captain Picard says that the Romulans have been “rather well-behaved lately”. Just then, Geordi calls up with a request: Since it's expected this patrol mission will be rather uneventful, he'd like to take a small science team to investigate Beta Argotha One, which the Enterprise's route will take it in very close proximity to. Beta Argotha One is known as “Darwin's World”, because the species on that world evolve at an incredibly accelerated rate such that every time it's researched, it's effectively a whole new planet. Since it hasn't been surveyed in the past year, it is thus likely unrecognisable from the last time Starfleet checked it out. Captain Picard grants his request, and has Geordi prepare the Runabout USS Yutcan for launch.

As Geordi gets his ship ready, he's paid a visti by Deanna Troi. Her father participated in the very first survey of Beta Argotha One, and she was fascinated by the stories he would tell her about it as a ...

Myraid Universes: Divided Light Part 3: Bodies of Evidence

As with all issues of this kind, we begin with a couple of pages of recap from Captain Picard. The Enterprise then sends down three teams to assist the three gestalts in retrieving the missing bodies as per Deanna Troi's request, each containing a doctor and an engineer (needed to disable the shield generators surrounding the holy sites). While on the ship, Captain Picard asks Reg Barclay to try and track down the base where the crewmembers were captured initially, just in case Deanna's plan runs into trouble.

Each team has to navigate some kind of harsh environment to reach the holy sites in question. Needless to say, they all make it and everyone gets their body back in one piece. The first team, led by Deanna (in Alexander's body) also includes Commander Riker and Robin Lefler. As they hop across a series of ice floes in an arctic environment, Will regales his team with tales of an old friend who fell through the ice and couldn't look at ice cream sundaes for months right before Deanna promptly does that. She's fine (as is Alexander) though, and no sooner do they fish her out then ...

Myriad Universes: Divided Light Part 2: Of Two Minds

So the Ergeans are really annoyed that Alexander/Deanna, Lwaxana/Worf and Geordi/Selar are up and about, so they order them back to their cells. Worf (as Lwaxana) isn't having any of that though and, in a single, beautiful moment I *really, really* wish Majel Barrett had gotten to act out, throws his/her head back, yells out a battle cry, body slams the Ergeans and powerbombs all three of them to the mat while bellowing “Cowards! This time you have bitten off a great deal more than you can chew!”.

Frankly if you're not already sold on this book by the concept of Majel Barrett powerbombing aliens and immediately convinced this series is one of the greatest things in the history of Star Trek, there's nothing more I can do for you, so you might as well pack it all in now.

Back on the Enterprise, the Sakerions exposit that while outsiders have long believed that the Ergeans were governed by a succession of triumvirates, this is actually not the case. In truth, there was only ever one triumvirate, but they gave themselves functional immortality through a machine that allowed consciousnesses to be transplanted ...

Myriad Universes: Divided Light Part 1: Companionship

This is far and away among the weirder story arcs in the DC Star Trek: The Next Generation series. And given this is a comic book line that had the Enterprise literally meet Santa Claus in 1987, that goes a way towards saying something. And yet Divided Light is *just* audacious and weird enough to work: Michael Jan Friedman's signature deft hand at writing the crew and his knack for having his stories' main themes and motifs reoccur on multiple levels makes this one memorable for all the right reasons instead of all the wrong ones. Perhaps most importantly for our purposes, it marks the beginning of a critical and formative time when the spin-off media, particularly the comic books, steered the course of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Lwaxana Troi is aboard, and is regaling her daughter with stories of her recent tryst with Constable Odo on Deep Space 9. Deanna seems a bit unconvinced that Odo is quite as malleable and impressionable as Lawxana seems to think he is, but as far as Lwxana is concerned Odo is her dream man. But Lwaxana isn't aboard the Enterprise solely for ...

“Thou seest I judge not thee”: All Good Things..., Tribunal

It was a large room, filled with people. At the centre, a large horizontal bench over which presided the members of the judiciary: A human man, who looked to be in his early forties, and a Vulcan woman who looked youthful but could have been older than the ages of everyone in the house combined. The pair cast their gaze across the room to the wall on the far side, where a group of people were seated in a row, looking up with a mixture of anxiousness and confusion. “Read out the names of the accused”, someone said.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Commander Benjamin Sisko

Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien

Lieutenant Commander Data

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Commander Jadzia Dax

Lieutenant Natasha Yar

Major Kira Nerys
“The revolutionary court is now in session.” 

It was sometime in the first half of 1994. I was going grocery shopping with my mother at the local market ...

Myriad Universes: The Worst of Both Worlds Part 4: And Death Shall Have No Dominion

The cover for this month's issue is definitely one of the most memorable and distinctive in the series for me. It's a striking print featuring the busts of Data, Captain Riker, Commander Shelby and Ro Laren looking at a central image of the two Enterprises taking on a Borg Cube while Locutus looks on. This was the cover art DC chose to represent The Worst of Both Worlds for the trade paperback reprint, or at least it's the one I remember seeing in that catalog of assorted Star Trek merchandise I had back then. As a result, this may be the single image that I most associate with the comic book line, and one of my most singular memories of it. Incidentally, it's also likely at least partially responsible for subconsciously elevating Laren's stature as a regular for me. Not so much Shelby: I knew who she was and that this was a sequel to “The Best of Both Worlds”, but wishful thinking and low resolution magazine scans kept me pretending she was Tasha Yar long after the awareness of my own self-delusion began to set ...

Myriad Universes: The Worst of Both Worlds Part 3: The Armies of the Night

Well, the cover art pretty much gives away the end of the issue. And also the whole cliffhanger, because you know damn well which one of the Worfs is going to eat it.

But there's some other stuff that happens before we get to that point. Picking up from last month, Data and Captain Picard are trying to figure out why Locutus isn't where he's supposed to be, but with the Borg closing in on them they don't have a ton of time to ponder that. They beat a retreat back to the shuttlecraft, but the collective is onto them and latches onto the shuttle with a tractor beam before they get very far. Thankfully, the Alternate Enterprise crew is able to beam them to safety before the Borg blast the shuttle to smithereens. Back in the observation lounge, Data reveals that Locutus is likely on Earth, the Borg having set up a command base at the location of the former Starfleet Command in San Francisco (and I love, by the way, how after assimilating the entire galaxy, the Borg choose Starfleet Command of all places to set ...

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