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L.I. Underhill is a media critic and historian specializing in pop culture, with a focus on science fiction (especially Star Trek) and video games. Their projects include a critical history of Star Trek told through the narrative of a war in time, a “heretical” history of The Legend of Zelda series and a literary postmodern reading of Jim Davis' Garfield.


  1. James A. Mullins
    June 7, 2017 @ 11:08 am

    To me I really don’t think season one is in your opinion better than the next three seasons. What struck me upon first watching season three in order after the first two seasons is that everything seemed to get better in terms of production values, the way it was shot and lit etc that made the first season feel flat and stilted. Do you really like the first seasons of a show far more than what it turns into?

    My favourite TNG seasons and two that I think are the absolute best are 3 and 6. I do agree that 2, 4 and even 5 felt patchy overall and they have many mediocre/forgettable episodes than classics.

    I’ve personally gone through and watched all of TOS, TNG and yes even the entire run of DS9 past Season 3 aka everything you Josh hate about it becoming that I personally absolutely love and have enjoyed immensely. No offence, but I really disagree with a lot of your views in terms of the direction DS9 went.


  2. Frezno
    June 7, 2017 @ 5:02 pm

    Having gotten advance viewing advice from Josh on my own voyages through TNG (and now DS9!) I can vouch for the quality of this curated method. Good god, I’m honestly surprised at how few S2 episodes were in this though. Looking over the ones you skipped, I can’t say you’re incorrect in skipping them… I’m just surprised there were that few. Then again, I did them like six months ago so.

    Anyway, you cool kids wanting to get into TNG: This is a good list to follow.


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