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Pex Lives 32: The Gunfighters

The Pex Lives boys are back to talk about the only Doctor Who story to rival Paradise Towers for the sheer amount of utterly unwarranted vitriol to have been thrown at it, namely The Gunfighters. Along with a discussion of three classic Gary Cooper westerns, High Noon, Man of the West, and The Hanging Tree. It's a good time for people who like it when other people get shot, and you can listen to it here

Sunday Eggs and Bangers

In a very special pocast (albeit one recorded a month ago) Jane and James discuss Steve Thompson's Doctor Who episodes. At length. Now, mind you, this was at midnight over here in the States, and I was well past my bedtime.  Whereas James was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am over in the UK.  So I would definitely go James's version of the event, because my memory is hazy on the point.  I think I kept talking about death.  Yeah.  That seems likely. 

Grab the episode here.

And feel free to mock us to the high heavens in the comments.  :)

Pex Lives 30: The Claws of Axos

Last War in Albion in the afternoon.

This morning, Kevin and James are joined by Jon Wolter of A Match Made in Space to talk about The Claws of Axos and David Bowie, which are apparently two separate topics. 

Listen to it here.

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Pex Lives 28: Black Orchid, or, Why do I always let my curiosity get the better of me?

Eruditorum Press is pleased to announce the release of Pex Lives 28, on the Peter Davison non-classic Black Orchid. In this episode, Kevin and James chat the new series, the horrible fucking state of the world, John Carpenter, and Black Orchid

Get it here.

Pex Lives 27: The Invasion

We're pleased to announce the release of Pex Lives 27, in which James and Kevin are joined by, and I quote their episode description here, "the very clever and lovely Eliot Chapman to discuss The Invasion."

That's available for download here.

Pex Lives 25: Carnival of Monsters/Nightmare of Eden

Eruditorum Press is pleased to announce the release of Pex Lives #25, featuring our very own Jane Campbell alongside Kevin and James. This month's installment opens with a discussion of The Magician's Apprentice(which James seems to like more than anyone) before heading into a combined fairground twister on Carnival of Monsters and Nightmare of Eden

It's available for download here

Star Trek in Sound and Not Vision

Hey all,

Back in June, I was a guest on the Pex Lives! podcast with my good friend Jack Graham (of Shabogan Graffiti and Xenomorph's Paradox). The subject at hand was tacitly the Doctor Who movie starring Paul McGann, but we very quickly spiraled tangentially off into a great conversation that had perishingly little to do with Doctor Who. The details largely escape me now, but I seem to recall at least touching on topics as disparate as Sliders, Homicide: Life on the Street, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Melora", Super Sentai, capitalism and domesticity, capitalism and Pop Christianity, the difference between high fantasy and science fiction, the aesthetic of non-modern naturalistic generativity in sci-fi, Dirty Pair, Gothic cathedrals, fascism vs. anarchy, the origins of mainline fandom histories, radical politics and detournement in fanfiction and criticism, pop culture as western oral mythology, and Toho's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game for the NES.

Sadly, the recording and editing process was marred by a myriad of technical problems that can really only be described as "we fucked up big time", so the episode hasn't actually been able to see the light of day until now. But ...

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