The Annual Eruditorum Press Post-Holiday Ebook Sale


It's Boxing Day, which means it's time for me to put a bunch of ebooks on sale at Smashwords. In all cases, just apply the coupon code at checkout to get your discount. All sales run through New Year's. 

We'll start with the marquee sale, which is not so much a sale as a giveaway. Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons, my anthology on science fiction and fascism, is available for free. You can get that with the coupon code SG29J.

I've also got my brand new book on the alt-right, Neoreaction a Basilisk, on a modest sale of $3.99 with the coupon code FB25Q.

Next up, both of my books on comics are available for $2.99. That means both Volume 1 of The Last War in Albion, my history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, and A Golden Thread, my history of Wonder Woman. 

The Last War in Albion Volume 1: TF24X

A Golden Thread: GT47P

And finally, our bread and butter, the TARDIS Eruditorum series, my critical history of Doctor Who, is all on sale for 50% off, reducing the price of each book to $2.50. Here those are with their codes.

Volume 1: William Hartnell: JD46W

Volume 2: Patrick Troughton: EE66K

Volume 3: Jon Pertwee: YV88T

Volume 4: Tom Baker and the Hinchcliffe Years: ZR36Q

Volume 5: Tom Baker and the Williams Years: RM69K

Volume 6: Peter Davison and Colin Baker: MG49Q

Most of those are available in all ebook formats, but a couple are, for whatever reason, only in epub format. If you need those in another format, there are numerous book conversion services online, though the best results will probably come from feeding the book through Calibre. If you need help, drop me an e-mail (snowspinner at gmail) and I can probably get you sorted, but it's honestly not hard and I have faith in you.

Thanks so much for another year of support. We've got lots of exciting stuff planned for 2018, including the Capaldi era of TARDIS Eruditorum (the Patreon is now at $301, so that's a go starting in March, though it still needs to get to $350 to have all the Pop Between Realities and the like) and the return of Last War in Albion. Happy holidays to all, and thanks again.


Kyle Edwards 3 years, 1 month ago

Last War in Albion! Last War in Albion! Last War in Albion!

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Mark Pompeo 3 years ago

Will you be doing a review of the Christmas special Twice Upon a Time?

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James Wylder 3 years ago

I'm excited to own "Guided"! I'll probably also pick up the 5/6 book, mainly because I've been ridiculously curious to read the new Jim'll Fix It! Essay, which people have been telling me I need to read for some time now.

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