Wrong With Authority, Ep 4 (The Wolf of Wall Street & The Big Short)


Hello, just a heads up from me today about the existence of the fourth episode of Wrong With Authority, the podcast about movies about history, hosted (in turns) by myself, Kit Power, James Murphy, and Daniel Harper.

As I say, episode 4 is up, and you can download both parts of it here and here, or go to the blog page, here.

This episode is Kit's, and its about The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short.  It's so long it had to be split into two.  This happened not only because these movies gave us a lot to talk about but because we had recurrent recording problems, which forced us to record in three blocks, which ironically meant we ended up with more content that we would've done otherwise.

As much as it was a nightmare to make, especially for Kit, I think we ended up with something to be proud of (again, especially Kit).

We are considering the future shape of WWA, but we also feel that the kinds of people who want to listen to the four of us talk about this stuff probably

a) want us to go the whole hog rather than skimp, and

b) are probably the kinds of people - like us - who are fine with long podcasts.

I'd really appreciate people giving us a try if they haven't already. 

If you don't fancy listening to us talk about Wolf of Wall Street and Big Short you can try any of our previous episodes, such as

The one about Jack the Ripper movies Murder by Decree and From Hell,

The one about eccentric mathematician movies A Beautiful Mind and The Imitation Game,


The one about horror cinema directors and their monsters Shadow of the Vampire and Gods and Monsters.

There's also our unofficial pilot, the thing that led to WWA in the first place, our two-part Shabcast about Oliver Stone's JFK and Nixon.



mr_mond 3 years, 8 months ago

I’m halfway through the second part and enjoying the whole podcast enormously. It really doesn’t feel as long as it is. Well done to all of you, especially Kit (and thanks to Daniel for explaining all the financial stuff in a really approachable manner).

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p ∧ ¬p 3 years, 8 months ago

I really enjoyed and benefited from Jack's Marxist explanation at the end. We should have more! And I laughed out loud when "Radio Nowhere" played. Well done all.

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Tim B. 3 years, 8 months ago

Looks interesting. With Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men on hiatus for the next 3 months I've got some free podcast time so will take a listen.

Because I'm incredibly entitled, are you looking at setting it up on iTunes as a podcast or do I have to download the files and play them as audio?

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Miles 3 years, 8 months ago

I really enjoyed the little standalone bits at the end, even though I understand that they were an invention of necessity, I think you guys should consider trying something like that again. Whoever's hosting each time usually does a pretty good job of keeping the discussion organized, but having those bits gave a nice shape to the whole thing and gave us several uninterrupted minutes of Jack talking fringe Marxist economics, which is the kind of audio content I crave.

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