Law & Order: Special Sarcasm Unit

As a fan of both Mark Steel and old Public Information Films, I like the clip below.

The wonderfully shifty, disreputable-looking spivs and wideboys in the old film are the direct ancestors of the hoodied happy-slappers who rampage through the urban warzones of Tunbridge Wells and Wootton Bassett in the fevered nightmares of modern Daily Mail readers.

Still, at least in the olden days you could call the bobbies whenever you saw a cockney loitering near a car… in these days of totalitarian Political Correctness, call the police and you’ll probably be prosecuted under EEC health and safety laws (in case, y’know, the policeman who answers the phone hurts himself picking up the reciever… or gets offended because you’re not a Muslim or something…)

Also, we no longer have those handy boxes everywhere (see 2 minutes 10 seconds into the video above… the bit that makes the video vaguely relevant to this blog). But then, if we did they’d all be carted away under the cover of darkness by tragic geeks with enough space in their spare rooms.

Oh, just give me an Abso for sarcasm and we’ll call the matter closed.…

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