Reimagined Moments #1

“Hurr hurr… You think this is the real Quaid?”

Well it might be, thought the guard.  Then again it might not.  It might be Quaid using his hologram thingy… or it might actually be Quaid pretending to be a hologram in order to trick us.  I have no way of knowing, really… unless I wait to see if it flickers in that way that really makes the hologram projector next-to useless as a weapon.  But that would take time.  Time in which I might get shot if it turns out not to be a hologram.    So I think I’ll shoot it anyway.  Just in case. After all, better safe than sorry.

Luckily for the guard, this train of thought only took him a split second.  What with him having been highly trained and everything.…

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