Reimagined Moments #3

Onboard the Silver Carrier, the Doctor and Jamie are eating square blocks of food from a dispenser.

“Doctor, what do you think Victoria’s doing now?”

“Now?  Well, she’s dead Jamie.”


“Yes, of course.  We left her in the late-twentieth century.  Looking at this technology, we must be at least a couple of hundred years on from then.  So unless she somehow managed to live to be more than 200 years old, she’ll have aged and died a long time ago.  Right now she’s probably just a brittle skeleton lying in a coffin, the flesh long since having bloated and peeled away and rotted and been consumed by bacteria and maggots and weavils and worms and stuff.  Unless they burned her up in a big fire.  In which case she’s probably scattered around somewhere in tiny fragments or sitting in a vase.”…

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