Comics Reviews (December 23rd, 2015)


Chew #53

An odd issue that feels borderline like just establishing a new premise for the book seven issues from the end, which is an odd feel. Not really sure what to say about this book as it runs the clock out; it’s in the critically odd position of having been a book with promise that never quite fulfilled it and is heading towards conclusion and a permanent midlist obscurity. Which is a recipe for anticlimax, and this issue exemplifies that. Nothing objectionable, nothing exciting.

Nameless #6

Grant Morrison tries his hand at killing the moon, and ends up with something that frankly reads like a grimdark parody of Grant Morrison. The mind frankly reels at him complaining about the writing in Promethea and then turning out this laundry list of occult references wrapped in a plot that has to be obscurantist to remain at all interesting. A comic that aims to be about nihilism and ends up being about nothing.

Saga #32

This continues to read like a book that will read really well in trade, which is more than you can say for Chew. As a single issue, this one rumbled along pretty well in a welcome return to the characters that first grabbed you in the book. Fiona Staples remains one of the best talents in comics, Vaughn continues to write perfectly adequate serialized comics, and this remains a fun exercise in wishing I knew what was going in.

Darth Vader #14

Gillen basically has all the toys to play with here - the Star Wars cast, Vader, and his own Aphra/0-0-0/BT-1 team, and he relishes it. Being part four of a crossover it’s more setup than fireworks, but it’s another fun, satisfying romp with good bits for several characters, and particularly for Leia. Only real flaw is that Larocca is not well-served by the photo-referenced characters, ending up at his most static and awkward. Also I forget who the guy in the cliffhanger is.

The New Avengers #4

The New Avengers fight space-Cthulhu, which they call exactly that, in a delightful slice of Claremont-style big team soap opera that feels as “now” as it gets, with the horror ideas of Nameless, a Hot Chocolate quote, and a major plot thread of Young Avengers resurrected. Plus Squirrel Girl. Basically, the Platonic ideal of a certain type of Marvel book in 2015. Well done.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2

Basically the best thing ever; a joyful mad science romp with evil monkeys and dinosaurs and glowing green magic technology stuff. This is firmly Marvel recreating the formula that made Ms. Marvel work, and they’re doing it in fine fashion, creating a hero whose world is vivid and compelling and feels real precisely because of its majestic silliness. Really a highlight of the current market.


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