Saturday Waffling (April 8, 2017)


Just a heads up to everyone in case you're just sort of sitting there going "oh, the Patreon always hits whatever goal Phil sets," we're currently only $1 over the threshold where I'll be reviewing the next season of Doctor Who. And that's because someone upped their pledge from $1 to $9 to ensure it would happen. Basically, what that means is that if anyone's payment doesn't go through at the end of the month, reviews will stop. Meanwhile, We're a whopping $19 away from me doing podcasts for every episode, which is starting to look like it probably won't. So this is a post, a week before the series starts, where I conspicuously link the Patreon in the hopes that you'll go contribute.

I know that the world is awful and there are better things to spend money on than this site. And I'm honestly OK with not doing podcasts, or hell, not doing reviews. The idea of watching Moffat's last season with the same intellectual privacy I watched his first has a real appeal. Equally, the podcasts were a blast last year and it just wouldn't feel like a season of Doctor Who without it completely taking over the site, y'know? So I hope you can find a buck or two in your budget to toss towards the Patreon, because I'd like to do these things. But they take time, and there isn't enough of that in my life at the moment.

In other news, work continues on both Neoreaction a Basilisk and Eruditorum Volume 7. The former will be out this summer, the latter hopefully this year. I'll get back to Last War in Albion after Neoreaction a Basilisk is out the door, but that's occupying my "write extra stuff" time. (Well, this month I'm just being naughty and writing the first chapter of my cyberpunk book because I haven't had time to write something for myself in a year now and I deserve it.) 

Anyway. Thanks to everyone who does support the site, and who supports Jack and Josh in their endeavors. It's a pleasure writing for you all. And if you do want Eruditorum Presscasts for Season Ten of Doctor Who, here's that conspicuous Patreon Link again.

See you next Saturday, hopefully.


James Mullins 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Can't wait for volume 7, on my favourite era of Doctor Who, the Sylvester McCoy era! Such brilliant storytelling and ideas that still strike a profound note with me. I'll check out some of your posts and updates on the upcoming series as it's certainly going to be a huge turning point.

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Ozyman.Jones 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Okay, okay... you shamed me into taking up supporting the blog again. What does it matter if my kids don't eat, as long as I have new Doctor Who reviews to read, eh?

Also, please hurry up with the remaining volumes of the TARDIS Eruditorum, will ya. I want to give you some more money, but, as I'm a capitalist at heart, and I'm already paying weekly for the services, now I need some goods to purchase.

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Kat 2 weeks, 2 days ago

I've read all of the Eruditorum blog posts, but had only read the first two book volumes despite having all six of them on my shelf. In the last month I blasted through volumes 3-6 and they were just as enjoyable and insightful as I remember. Looking forward to book 7, and can't wait for your reviews and podcasts on series 10! It's been so long since series 9, it feels good to get excited about new Doctor Who again.

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