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Shabcast 29 - Wheelers Beware Girls Who Ask Questions

The Shabcast is back.

Shana guests again, to talk about 80s fantasy cinema classics Return to Oz and The Neverending Story.


Download here.

Shabcast 28 - The 2nd Annual (so far) Eruditorum Press Christmas Party

Title says it all really.

This time I'm joined by EP's 'new recruits' from 2016, Josh, Shana & Daniel.


We don't actually talk that much politics, so this is a relatively safe space if you're trying to self-care a bit over the holidays.

Shabcast 25 - Phil and Jack talk about High-Rise

Hello again, my fellow muggles. 

First, apologies: I wanted to provide you with some written material this week, but I was unable to get the next bits of either Psychic Landscape or Are You Sitting Comfortably? ready in time, so you're getting yet another Shabcast instead.  It's a good one though.  I'm joined by Phil again, and we chat about High-Rise, both the Ballard novel and the Wheatley/Jump movie.  In the process we veer wildly off topic at times (I can hear your gasps of surprise), touching on subjects such as Phil's upcoming Build High For Happiness project, 'Paradise Towers' (of course), The VVitch, some other movies, Stranger Things, and whether or not Robert Holmes read J. G. Ballard.

Download or listen here.  (Beware Triggers and Spoilers.)

ADDITION: I forgot to link to a couple of relevant documentaries.  I posted this one - a dated but still-excellent account of some of the hidden history of Modernism - at my own YouTube channel recently.  (I'm slowly working my way through a huge stack of old home-recorded VHS tapes.  When I encounter a good documentary that I can't find ...

Shabcast 24, Part 2 of the JFK / Nixon Conversation

And here it is at last, Part 2 of Shabcast 24. 

Rejoin the conversation between myself, Daniel, James, and Kit.  We talk more about Oliver Stone's grandly bad, silly, outrageous, audacious, irresponsible, febrile, fascinating epics of 90s political cinema, JFK and Nixon

(Part One here.)

This episode concentrates more on JFK (man, myth and movie), and moves to a wonderful final act in which the awesomely well-informed Daniel, under Kit's adroit questioning, dismantles some of the more pivotal parts of Stone's conspiracyballs.  (And it is balls, by the way, just in case any of you were in any doubt.  I speak as a one-time believer, as does Daniel.)


Here are some links for you:

Generously, Oliver Stone and the Mail Online (brothers under the skin) have been helping to promote this episode of the Shabcast, with a new 'news' story - here

Here are the two parts - Part One and Part Two - of an excellent TV documentary about Nixon, which picks at the scab and uncovers some of the pus Stone doesn't let you see, including the factual conspiracy on the part of Nixon and his people to commit treason and ...

Shabcast 24, Part 1 of the JFK / Nixon Conversation

It's Shabcast listenin' time again. 

This time I was joined by James and Daniel again, and - for the first time - by Kit Power.  We talked for as long as you'd expect about Oliver Stone's insane, brilliant '90s political movies JFK and Nixon, thus helping to remedy the desperate online shortage of white guys talking about movies about white guys made by white guys. 

This week you can listen to the first half of our conversation, here



Shabcast 23, Part 2 - New Atheism is the Opium of Misogynists, Islamophobes, and Imperialists

Yes, I use the Oxford comma.  I use it because it is sensible, stylish, and clarifying.

Oh, and this is Part 2 of Shabcast 23, featuring the continuation of my latest chat with Daniel Harper.  I think the title is pretty much self-explanatory. 

That's my thing now.  Self-explanatory titles.  And Oxford commas.  They're my thing too now.  And irrelevant commentary on my own style.

Self-explanatory titles, irrelevant commentary on my own style, and Oxford commas.

See, they're nice aren't they?  If that comma hadn't been there, before the 'and', it could've looked like I was saying I now make irrelevant comments about my own style and about Oxford commas. 

And clearly I would never make irrelevant comments about Oxford commas.


By the way, here's a link to Rebecca Watson's video (referred to in the Shabcast), in which she mentions (in passing) that a guy tried to chat her up in a hotel elevator in the wee small hours, and that, guys, it's probably not a good idea to do that.  That bit starts around 4:30.

Further to the discussions about ...

Shabcast 23, Part 1 - The Ruling Class Thinks Idiocracy and Democracy are Synonyms

Please find attached the latest Shabcast.  It's the first part of another long chat between myself and Daniel.  In this episode we talk about the 2006 Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, which is 'relevant' nowadays as loads of people have jumped to the wrong conclusions about the Trump phenomenon and clambered aboard the everyone's-an-idiot-nowadays-except-me bandwagon, using Idiocracy as a cultural touchstone.  (Seriously, google the phrase 'Trump Idiocracy' and behold the avalanche of sneering, purblind, elitest drivel.)  Daniel has little time for the film and isn't shy about saying why.  And nor am I. 

Download or listen here.

The rest of this Shabcast will be available on Thursday, and will feature Daniel and myself moving on to the broader (and connected) subject of the New Atheists, etc.  This little mini-arc of linked posts will then conclude on Friday with Daniel's new written piece about... well, wait and see.


Shabcast 22ish

Another week, another Shabcast. 

Sadly, I haven't been able to manufacture an actual brand-new episode recently, so I've put together a compilation of some of the more interesting bits of previous Shabcasts which had to be cut for one reason or another.  But it does mean that you get more guests for your money.  This episode features myself in conversation with Daniel, Jane, Josh and Elliot.  If it's the most disjointed Shabcast ever, it's also the second-most populous after the Christmas episode. 

Enjoy here

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