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Elizabeth Sandifer

Elizabeth Sandifer created Eruditorum Press. She’s not really sure why she did that, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. She currently writes Last War in Albion, a history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. She used to write TARDIS Eruditorum, a history of Britain told through the lens of a ropey sci-fi series. She also wrote Neoreaction a Basilisk, writes comics these days, and has ADHD so will probably just randomly write some other shit sooner or later. Support Elizabeth on Patreon.


  1. Matt Michael
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:40 am

    Great news Phil – Print and Kindle editions duly purchased. Can't wait for the new Hartnell edition news as well.

    Keep up the fantastic work, don't know what I'll do when my three-times weekly fix finishes!


  2. Nick Smale
    April 5, 2013 @ 1:06 am

    Duly purchased — very much looking forward to reading the new essays.

    Incidentally, the standard UK practice would be to include VAT in purchase prices, so the Kindle edition would be £3.59 (there's no VAT on print books).


  3. David Anderson
    April 5, 2013 @ 1:27 am


    May I put in a request for an essay on Robin of Sherwood in the Davison/Baker book please?
    * An episode is probably quicker to sit through than another Davison Past Doctor Adventures.
    * It is the other major family genre show that many people remember from the period.
    * Paul Cornell said on his blog that it was central to everything he's ever done. (He was commenting at the death of Richard Carpenter, the creator, so he was bound to be nice, but still.) So it's relevant to the story you're telling.
    * The episode you'd probably want to focus on is the final episode of the first season, The King's Jester. That would make a useful contrast with your essay on The King's Demons.


  4. Jack Graham
    April 5, 2013 @ 1:56 am

    I'm tempted to ask for a review copy… but, in all honesty, while I'd undoubtedly devour the book, I'd be quite likely to shirk the complex and difficult task of actually writing the review. πŸ˜‰


  5. matt bracher
    April 5, 2013 @ 3:19 am

    Excited! Needs only to be downloaded to my Kindle.

    Incidentally, which version gets you the greater sum: ebook or print?


  6. ferret
    April 5, 2013 @ 3:35 am

    I agree with all of the above – it was and still is an excellent show.

    Kindle edition purchased – although I'm still happily absorbing the Hartnell volume at a relaxed pace, it's nice to have them stacked up ready to go.


  7. pmcray
    April 5, 2013 @ 3:45 am



  8. Matthew Celestis
    April 5, 2013 @ 3:50 am

    Just bought it.

    I'll have to review the second book at some point.


  9. Christopher Haynes
    April 5, 2013 @ 4:55 am

    Will the new Hartnell version accuse his fans of hating the vast majority of Doctor Who?

    If not, I'll buy a copy. πŸ˜‰


  10. Alphapenguin
    April 5, 2013 @ 5:20 am

    If one were interested in the copy editing job, would it be alright to send you a copy of one's resume at the email address on your blogger profile?


  11. elvwood
    April 5, 2013 @ 5:36 am

    Grabbed – busy today, but will definitely read on my train journey tomorrow. Thanks!


  12. Theonlyspiral
    April 5, 2013 @ 5:43 am



  13. Matthew Celestis
    April 5, 2013 @ 6:08 am

    I actually quite liked that comment, because I think he's right and I'm probably one of those fans.

    I like McCoy most, but Hartnell is definitely my second favorite and like Sandifer's alleged Hartnell fans, I hate a good deal of post-Hartnell Doctor Who.


  14. James V
    April 5, 2013 @ 6:39 am

    Just bought it. Seriously enjoyed revisiting the Hartnell and Troughton entries through the book versions, and have been eagerly anticipating the Pertwee book.

    Being the 50th Anniversary year, it's a great time for reflection


  15. Theonlyspiral
    April 5, 2013 @ 9:02 am

    As a Mcgann fan it rankled a bit and made me take a step back. I eventually realized it was in good fun…but devouring it at the time I was definitely…nonplussed.


  16. Assad K
    April 5, 2013 @ 10:15 am

    Know what I haven't read? Vols 1 and 2.
    But what am I buying now? vol 3!
    What will I get with the typos corrected? Well.. yes.
    Reading this Blog has been a fascinating exercise, even if I don't comment much. And it makes me feel smarter about enjoying Doctor Who!
    Many congrats on getting this volume out!
    Hope you will make it to Chicago TARDIS sometime, as that's the only con I currently go to (if going for the first time last year, and planning to go this year, counts as being a regular attendee…).


  17. Ununnilium
    April 5, 2013 @ 10:23 am

    Getting this, and also going to get the Kindle version of the second edition Hartnell, to go with my paper first edition. <3


  18. Archeology of the Future
    April 5, 2013 @ 10:36 am


    Also bought volumes one and two. The 'My Doctor' section of volume one made me cry.

    What I hadn't really noticed reading the blog as individual entries was how much of a thread of melancholy runs through them. It becomes really pronounced in the second volume I think, that sense of reflective sadness at there being a 'something' in Doctor Who that is just out of reach.

    A kind of soft, gentle sadness that makes my heart beat in sympathy.

    Or maybe it's just me πŸ™‚


  19. David
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:18 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  20. David
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:20 pm

    I've been reading your blog now since it began. It's always been a fascinating read, even if sometimes I've boggled at some of the stuff you've written and muttered "For fuck's sake, Sandifier…" under my breath. But, at the end of the day, what you've done with this blog is a Herculean labour of passion and I've always been damn impressed with your dedication to it.

    I'll be adding this new Kindle volume to the first two I already downloaded, and will be buying the paperback when I can! I'm actually a self-employed writer by profession, currently doing an MA in London, albeit more a playwright than a prose writer – but your regular workload puts my "a few essays and short plays per semester" to shame!

    I'd actually be interested in the editing position? Though I'm not necessarily an editor by trade, I have the academic background (and current profession) that would perhaps dovetail nicely? How should I contact you about this further?


  21. David
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:45 pm

    Ooop! I've just popped an e-mail to you!


  22. God's Gift
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:47 pm

    veni, vidi, empti…


  23. Matthew Blanchette
    April 5, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

    I shall have to see whether I can purchase this; regardless, let me be the first, Phil, to state that your logo design advice skills are questionable, because your Eruditorum Press logo, half-disguised by the "old book" look your cover uses, looks less like a "scroll" and more like a phallus with a claw at one end. :-S

    I would've gone with Mr. Taylor's second logo, myself; less room for, er, "misinterpretation", there.

    Also… I worry that the cover will give me as much of a headache in person as it's doing on my screen, right now. :-/

    For simplicity's sake, I'd have gone with the initial design in the second row, far right, if only because, since Pertwee was the "James Bond" of Doctors, the look harkens back rather nicely to Maurice Binder's work on the titles for Dr. No:

    Regardless, all the best on editing the Baker volume. πŸ™‚


  24. Anglocat
    April 5, 2013 @ 1:58 pm

    As a great scholar once nearly said: Want. Bought. Have.


  25. encyclops
    April 5, 2013 @ 10:16 pm


    Like others, I'm still working my way through Hartnell. I'm always slowest with him and Troughton because I've seen so few of their stories (not for lack of desire). But I love Pertwee, and even though I think you probably don't, I'm still looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    I'd throw my hat into the ring to edit a Baker volume but (a) I don't think my diploma would impress you enough and (b) if you hadn't strangled me halfway through the second entry, we'd end up locked in a mortal feud worthy of Miles and Wood. πŸ™‚


  26. Anton B
    April 6, 2013 @ 12:18 am

    Bought on kindle and really looking forward to your take on 'Who Killed Kennedy'. This is probably a good place to say thanks for all the work you put into this blog. It's such a treat every time a new entry appears. I haven't commented much recently as I don't have much to add to any critique of the wilderness years which you haven't already said. Really looking forward of course to your Nu Who entries. Thanks again.


  27. matt bracher
    April 6, 2013 @ 7:34 am

    Never mind, just reread the second paragraph, so now I won't feel guilty about choosing one format over another.


  28. Pen Name Pending
    April 6, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    I got to test out my new Kindle by buying Volumes 2 and 3! I'll wait for your revised Hartnell edition. Good luck with Baker…I assume you're splitting up by Hinchliffe/Williams + JNT?


  29. T. Hartwell
    April 6, 2013 @ 11:14 am

    Just bought my copy. Looking forward to reading it.


  30. This I Did Not Do
    April 6, 2013 @ 12:53 pm

    Talking about copy editing – a couple of times on the web version you've used "imminent" when you've meant "immanent". Wish I'd pointed that out at the time but it just popped into my head now.


  31. Gavin Schofield
    April 6, 2013 @ 2:12 pm

    I did a review of the Troughton book before realising review copies were a thing. I've got it all backwards.


  32. Froborr
    April 6, 2013 @ 6:45 pm

    Bought it last night, about a fourth of the way through an loving it. Can't wait until I get to "Who Killed Kennedy," I love that book, and I'm pretty sure I discovered it through you.

    I'd toss my hat in on the copy editing thing, I used to do it for a living and I'd gladly give you a cut rate, but the combination of full time day job and my "pale shadow of Philip Sandifer" act over at My Little Po-Mo has eaten my life completely.

    Are you aware of/planning to come to Connecticon? There was a pretty ginormous Doctor Who contingent there when I last went two years ago.


  33. Francis Dollarhyde
    April 6, 2013 @ 7:37 pm

    …and didn't the superior viewing figures of Robin of Sherwood have an influence on Doctor Who's cancellation crisis in the mid-80s?


  34. timber-munki
    April 6, 2013 @ 10:59 pm

    brought it last night, still yet to start on the Hartnell volume. Any way I can support your fine work here Dr Sandifer.


  35. God's Gift
    April 9, 2013 @ 9:41 am

    veni, vidi, empti, et liberatus est hodie !


  36. T. Hartwell
    April 10, 2013 @ 2:43 pm

    Having a copy of the book in my hand, I can confirm that the logo does not look like that in person.


  37. Elizabeth Sandifer
    April 10, 2013 @ 2:59 pm

    It is safe to assume that sentence will get rephrased to a blander "most people who list Hartnell or McGann as their favorite Doctors are the sorts of people who like taking unpopular, contrarian views about how Never Let Me Down is the best David Bowie album and The Godfather series never really worked until Part III."


  38. Elizabeth Sandifer
    April 10, 2013 @ 3:00 pm

    A headache is a perfectly valid aesthetic response to glam rock, Matthew.


  39. Phil
    April 10, 2013 @ 11:42 pm

    Hang on, there's something about this argument I've never quite got. The quote in my copy at least is "be particularly wary of anyone who cites Hartnell AND McGann as their favorite Doctors – you are basically guaranteed someone who actually hates the vast majority of Doctor Who" (emphasis mine). It's nothing to do with Hartnell fans, it's about people whose two favourite eras are totally unrepresentative of Doctor Who in two completely different ways. "Hate" may be a bit strong, but it's definitely a very odd position to take.


  40. HarlequiNQB
    April 11, 2013 @ 8:11 pm

    Also to Colin Bakers coat. You won't believe what I have in mind for that one – sadly there's probably not enough garish ink in the world. πŸ˜‰


  41. Elizabeth Sandifer
    April 11, 2013 @ 8:13 pm

    You know there's Peter Davison in that book too, right? Or are we just going to literalize the joke of him being the bland Doctor and have him crowded off his own book cover by the qlippothic kaleidoscope that is Colin Baker? I mean, I've got no objections if this is the plan.


  42. Ununnilium
    April 20, 2013 @ 8:35 am

    I'd like a cover that consists of Six having just pushed Five off of it – you can see a leg and a flailing hand, maybe.


  43. tahez molla
    October 24, 2014 @ 1:27 pm

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