Single vision and Newtons sleep debt

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Elizabeth Sandifer

Elizabeth Sandifer created Eruditorum Press. She’s not really sure why she did that, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. She currently writes Last War in Albion, a history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. She used to write TARDIS Eruditorum, a history of Britain told through the lens of a ropey sci-fi series. She also wrote Neoreaction a Basilisk, writes comics these days, and has ADHD so will probably just randomly write some other shit sooner or later. Support Elizabeth on Patreon.


  1. Dominik Zine
    November 2, 2016 @ 10:10 pm

    Well, this is the first time we see her, so I assume we’ll get to know her in future issues (whenever those may be).

    Also, heads up for a Marvel book: Nighthawk’s David F. Walker started a socially conscious team book Occupy Avengers with Clint Hawkeye, Red Wolf and two thus far unannounced team-mates – plus Nighthawk, whose development he’s going to continue there.


  2. Tom B
    November 3, 2016 @ 3:38 pm

    So of course, Diamond “forgets” to ship Wic Dev this week to the local shop. Not a problem since I can get that digitally (as well as the Walking Dead they didn’t ship), but they also didn’t ship Cerebus in Hell #0, which I was really looking forward to and isn’t on Comixology. I’m curious to see how Sim’s joke writing is now.


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