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Incremental progress meets Zeno’s Paradox

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Jack Graham

Jack Graham wrote about Doctor Who and Marxism, often at the same time. These days he co-hosts the I Don't Speak German podcast with Daniel Harper.Support Jack on Patreon.


  1. Christopher Brown
    May 24, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    When Dinesh D’Souza is rightly criticizing your views, you’re in trouble…


  2. James Sommerville
    May 27, 2019 @ 2:18 pm

    Another great episode. Learned a tonne. Thanks!


  3. Diogenes
    June 26, 2020 @ 2:51 am

    Jared Taylor is not a white supremacist. He is a race realist.


  4. Flynn Hillary
    August 1, 2020 @ 6:05 pm

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