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L.I. Underhill is a media critic and historian specializing in pop culture, with a focus on science fiction (especially Star Trek) and video games. Their projects include a critical history of Star Trek told through the narrative of a war in time, a “heretical” history of The Legend of Zelda series and a literary postmodern reading of Jim Davis' Garfield.


  1. K. Jones
    February 13, 2014 @ 7:09 pm

    Well, now I've got to track this down. And while I won't knock the medium, as an avid comic and sequential art reader and critic, I'll say it simultaneously joys me to be a story so perfectly suited for its medium, while at the same time making me wish I could've seen the actors tackle it in 1970 with all the fervor, drag and glee that they would have brought to it. That's no knock, though – for a comic writer and an artist to be able to capture it so perfectly that I consider it a shame never to be able to see it done live, is pretty high praise.

    It sounds as if it was designed for Shatner and the rest, and contextually even with the hindsight afforded it about TOS, and the retrospective glance at the DS9/Babylon 5 contrast, it would've been the perfect "Final Episode" of the Original Series.

    I'd be forever endeared to one of the Star Trek fan productions if they'd adapt it.


  2. Daru
    February 16, 2014 @ 10:04 am

    Oh man! This just flat-out sounds like THE best Star Trek story idea ever! I had given up on this series of comics being any good – I am a graphic novel fan, but pretty choosy – as with K.Jones above I need to go hunt this down. I don't have much else to add but wow and the fact that I am so surprised to hear about such a quality story just popping up in a below par range.


  3. Josh Marsfelder
    February 16, 2014 @ 10:43 am

    That makes three of us.

    I'm not going to get cheeky and pretend I was saving this as some kind of trump card to pull just as everyone was getting sick of this series. I did not expect Year Four to casually toss out a story of this calibre. I chose this miniseries specifically because I thought it was pointless and mediocre and, well, the rest of it is, but that just makes this issue all the more incredible.

    Just goes to show that you can find hidden gems anywhere if you look.


  4. Daru
    February 16, 2014 @ 12:24 pm

    Makes it a really worthwhile experience a journey like this then when you can accidentally find buried treasure – all the more satisfying when it's unplanned.


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