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Jane Campbell


  1. Ian S
    November 14, 2016 @ 7:36 pm

    Tying the rose ring Steven gives Connie to the “spinning his wheels in the sand on his bike” and the circularity of the Gem Temple is a very interesting connection. It’s almost certainly accidental, but it leads forward brilliantly into the way that Rose has unintentionally “trapped” Steven with her own reputation. There is a lot of pressure on Steven not just to grow up, but to grow up and act exactly like Rose. Even her shield contributes to this: her bubble always forms around Steven, encasing and imprisoning him. And what’s more, the rose ring is given to Connie, symbolically tying her to Steven and confining her future as well; she is excited about the prospect of fighting Gems and monsters, but as “Do it For Her/Him” stresses, Connie is dangerously prone to buying into that pressure to be an adult and to be like Rose, even to the point of her own self-destruction.

    However, it’s also important to note that Rose left Steven more than just a bubble that traps him: she left him a sword that he could use to sever his bindings. And even more important, Steven is not capable of using the sword alone… only when fused with Connie. I find the implications both obvious and incredibly charming.


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