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Elizabeth Sandifer

Elizabeth Sandifer created Eruditorum Press. She’s not really sure why she did that, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. She currently writes Last War in Albion, a history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. She used to write TARDIS Eruditorum, a history of Britain told through the lens of a ropey sci-fi series. She also wrote Neoreaction a Basilisk, writes comics these days, and has ADHD so will probably just randomly write some other shit sooner or later. Support Elizabeth on Patreon.


  1. David Anderson
    June 19, 2014 @ 1:45 am

    Question: if you were to do a Last War in Vineland with five US comics creators, whom would you choose?


  2. Anton B
    June 19, 2014 @ 3:15 am

    So, just bought and read The Wicked + The Divine #1 based solely on your recommendation. Yes it is good. Very Grant Morrison's The Invisibles influenced I thought (not a bad thing in my book). The pantheon reminded me of Edith, KingMob, Billy Chang, Tom O'Bedlam etc. The opening line – "once again we return to this" (if not the whole concept) recalls "..and so we return and begin again" the first line of The Invisibles from Dead Beatles.

    Okay I'm hooked.


  3. Tom
    June 19, 2014 @ 4:30 am

    I think the difference in emphasis is important, though. "Once again we return to this" feels to me like it's denying the comfort of cyclicality "we return and begin again" implies. The comic is about death – the "god-souls" may return, but in two years time's up for the hosts. It's actually a bit more like the modern conception of regeneration in Who – for the audience and the future Doctor, it's a continuation, but for the man who is dying, it's death.


  4. Eric Gimlin
    June 19, 2014 @ 9:52 am

    I'm still enjoying FABLES, but must admit I think it's a good idea that they're pulling the plug soon. I loved the one page Flycatcher story, at least.

    I do look forward to being able to tell people in a couple years "I picked up The Wicked + The Divine #1 the day it came out." It's an amazing book.


  5. TG
    June 19, 2014 @ 5:59 pm

    Well, OK, then. I've been wanting to pick up something by Gillen for some time, now. Despite being a big Brit Pop enthusiast, I never did get Phonogram– don't remember why. (And inexcusably have yet to read it in trade.) I would've gone with his Iron Man run, despite the $3.99, if it hadn't been for Greg Land. (One or the other, but not both!)

    I did just read that first IM run in trade and liked how it was a soft replay of Fraction's "Five Nightmares" arc– except with Stark putting out fires before they turn into disasters, rather than reacting to catastrophe when it hits. Sorry to hear his run got cut short.

    McKelvie I got to enjoy in his contribution to Ellis' Secret Avengers. I'm sure we all agree how fantastic that was.

    Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I'm sold. (Plus it'll help ease the pain of Fatale coming to an end.)


  6. jsd
    June 21, 2014 @ 6:22 am

    Slott and Allred are doing Silver Surfer? (Goes to download a bunch from comixology). Wow. Thanks so much for the tip! I will definitely check out Wicked & Divine. And Sex Criminals continues to be fantastic. It's a good time to be a comics reader.


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