Ideas may be bulletproof, but nobody’s tried plasma rifles

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L.I. Underhill is a media critic and historian specializing in pop culture, with a focus on science fiction (especially Star Trek) and video games. Their projects include a critical history of Star Trek told through the narrative of a war in time, a “heretical” history of The Legend of Zelda series and a literary postmodern reading of Jim Davis' Garfield.


  1. Daru
    July 10, 2014 @ 7:56 pm

    Thanks again for a great reading. Yeah I really get the Blues Brothers subversion – this really improves on it, as I have really never gotten The Blues Brothers as the plot (what plot there is) never really hung together for me. Fawlty Towers is much more of a draw for me as I do have a real love for the comedy and chaos the can come out of misunderstandings, along with a skewed version of the English. Adored the crazy mash-up of this episode and the climax was quite special with that suspended bridge scene!


  2. Josh Marsfelder
    July 11, 2014 @ 4:29 pm

    I guess I appreciate what The Blues Brothers was trying to do and I understand why so many people like it, but I agree that it doesn't really work.

    This though is pitch-perfect. That climax is a work of art: I find it and the wedding scene absolutely unforgettable.


  3. Daru
    July 12, 2014 @ 11:09 pm

    Yeah I guess I do appreciate it too in a way, as I know it's just meant to be a fun romp, which is cool. Totally agree that the climax on this is a sheer genius work of art!


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