We’re all for praxis, just not for going outside

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Daniel Harper

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  1. The Flan in the High Castle
    October 9, 2016 @ 1:49 pm

    I actually really like the weird “they’re still in the game” conclusion of this one. The writing maxim that “stories should never end with a character waking up” has become almost as much of a cliché as the convention it criticises, so it’s kinda fun to see something that swings the other way.

    This sort of ties into the whole canon debate for me – in the same way that it’s silly to argue about which works of fiction “count”, it’s also silly to privilege stories that present themselves as part of a “real” world over those that take place within dreams or virtual realities (eg, like 90% of Philip K Dick books). And I just love the trollish implication that maybe the crew never escaped – that every subsequent episode is actually just part of this virtual reality game. In this respect it’s very like the unsettling non-conclusion of The Mind Robber.

    Grant and Naylor do have a tendency to just throw up their hands and end an episode any old way when they’ve got too many pieces on the board to resolve properly, but I think it fits the show’s chaotic tone quite well – Stasis Leak is another fun one. Looking back, I actually think these endings have a similar quality to the abrupt conclusions of many Adventure Time episodes (though those are more like little non-sequiturs tacked on for a laugh, whereas these are visibly the narrative itself coming apart at the seams).


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