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Elizabeth Sandifer

Elizabeth Sandifer created Eruditorum Press. She’s not really sure why she did that, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. She currently writes Last War in Albion, a history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. She used to write TARDIS Eruditorum, a history of Britain told through the lens of a ropey sci-fi series. She also wrote Neoreaction a Basilisk, writes comics these days, and has ADHD so will probably just randomly write some other shit sooner or later. Support Elizabeth on Patreon.


  1. Przemek
    March 6, 2018 @ 11:55 am

    Maybe I’m just being thick here but… why was RTD’s approach to rewrites too open? I agree that resenting Paul Cornell for that specific writing credit wasn’t very professional but other than that… well, he did rewrite most episodes. I can understand hiding this fact as a professional courtesy to the less known writers so that they can get more spotlight but other than that, what’s so wrong about admitting it?


    • Jack
      March 8, 2018 @ 11:03 pm

      I’d assume it’s because RTD was strongly suggesting what Cornell was getting praised for was things he actually wrote, and that without his rewrites, the episodes wouldn’t be praiseworthy. There’s a difference between rewriting to fit certain realities of television, or to make it work with the creative vision of the series, and going “All that is good in this series I wrote!”, which is the sense you got from RTD’s complaints about those episodes.


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