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Elizabeth Sandifer

Elizabeth Sandifer created Eruditorum Press. She’s not really sure why she did that, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. She currently writes Last War in Albion, a history of the magical war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. She used to write TARDIS Eruditorum, a history of Britain told through the lens of a ropey sci-fi series. She also wrote Neoreaction a Basilisk, writes comics these days, and has ADHD so will probably just randomly write some other shit sooner or later. Support Elizabeth on Patreon.


  1. Anthony D Herrera
    January 18, 2017 @ 1:59 am

    Have you ever seen Jaques Tati’s PlayTime? It would both be perfect and entirely unsuitable for this series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrYB8hgyq4s


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    July 13, 2017 @ 6:10 am

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  3. Christopher Brown
    January 30, 2018 @ 9:20 pm

    Just watched this last night and was really blown away with it! (It makes a great double-feature with Ugetsu, for any cinephiles out there). A good choice for this series – though apart from its quality, what inspired you to cover this film in particular as part of the Hypercube series?


  4. Alexander Karkov
    March 1, 2018 @ 1:12 pm

    Those who seek to escape the fates and furies will learn that they are inexorable.


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