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Daniel Harper

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  1. Aylwin
    July 8, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

    Somehow, I had never considered the sexual implications of Rimmer substituting himself for Kochanski again. Almost as though he’s trying to tell us something.

    I think this is the only episode* that ever really takes Lister’s personality as its main focus, certainly in this explicit way. It’s notable because they did that time and time again with Rimmer, beginning next time with Me2, and going on with things like Better Than Life, Dimension Jump and Terrorform. Presumably because they realised that Lister was too well-adjusted for there to be much comic potential in giving him that kind of attention, whereas Rimmer’s neuroses could be expanded and exhibited at length. I suppose it’s also reflective of how the structural role of the characters changes as the programme evolves. In series 1, where it’s at its most classically sitcommy, Lister and Rimmer are a comparatively evenly-balanced Odd Couple, each with their foibles and insecurities. Later it shifts more towards Lister as the everyman lead and Rimmer as the complex, messy “character part”.

    *Note: I have no reason to think it needs saying, but this, like any and all such general statements I might ever chance to make, takes as a predicate the fact (and fact it is) that there were, as is indeed the case, six series of Red Dwarf. No more, no less. Just in case there are any misapprehensions regarding this transparently evident reality.


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